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Cheap on car: newest is bare bones 04 Toyota Corolla. Inexpensive. Reliable. Good mileage.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
I consider myself fairly frugal, but others might disagree. I'm aggressively analytical when it comes to quality. I'll research extensively, determine what I believe represents the best quality-for-price, then bargain hunt for the best deal I can find. This applies to everything from clothes to kitchen knives to umbrellas. I often end up spending more on a single item than do many folks, but I do so to obtain something that will give me many years of service. (A sentiment I'm sure most SFers understand.)

I do the same. Then, I'll try to take care of an item so I can use it forever.

Clothing is really my only expensive hobby. I rarely eat out and my "vacations" center around professional travel, though I may start saving for some real vacations.
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I spend on clothes, nice furniture and books.
My refrigerator has food that is changing color as we speak.
I watch a borrowed tv that gets grainy reception.
I do not own a complete set of dishes.
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Originally Posted by dusty
My car is a complete piece of crap, I eat stuff like Hamburger Helper, and I average maybe $25 a month on entartainment, yet I am perfectly willing to spend hundreds on a single garment. Perhaps I am subconsciously diverting all of my funds toward clothing?

I cheap on everything except cigars. Which means I'm cheap on clothes.
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I´m very analytical in buying, both for clothes and non-clothes. I do buy valued SF brands such as Borelli and Incotex, but only well below retail and because they match other clothing. I look for value; I don´t care that Incotex pants or Lorenzini shirts don´t have flashly labels that impress others.

This value orientation (fetish or obsession?) extends to what else I buy. I´ll load up on generic, homogenious goods at Costco or Carrefour.

I agree that it´s better to forego than to buy something mediocre. i believe its important to pay yourself (save) first. I´ll get buy on homemade pasta or simple roast chicken in order to spend on a memorable meal. Went to Daniel in NYC recently; a splurge but worth it now and then. Better than eating every day at Subway for more over the long term.
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