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Here we go, massive massive sale thread. A whole ton of new stuff (if you're a slim 52 you're in McQueen runway nirvana) and some thread consolidation with stuff from my last sale. The prices do not include actual shipping, which will be cheaper to Canada since I'm in Calgary. I will listen to offers but don't be ridiculous. If you want more than one thing I am more likely to take a little off the top. This stuff is priced pretty low as it is though. Might add one or two things as I go depending on whether I want to sell them.

Alexander McQueen Cotton Jacket - 52 (slim) - $200
This is in between a 40L and 42L. Really amazing fit, great tailoring, functional cuffs and thick horn buttons. Just a really well executed casual jacket in a great colour that works with denim and muted chinos. Was 2195.00, I have worn it maybe 5 times.

PS Paul Smith Double Breasted Jacket - 54 (slim) - $175
100% wool, 4 season weight, has a slightly (but not Thom level) cropped jacket. I got this at Holts because of a) the fit and b) it's the most solidly constructed PS item I've seen. It's pretty slim with a p2p a little less than 23". For wearing with odd trou this could be used constantly, but it's too big for me. Taking a pretty big hit. Check out the lining - beats the hell out of Etro.

Alexander McQueen Railroad Pant - Size 48 (34x33ish) - $110
From the 2008 (IIRC) runway collection, retail was $690. Kind of a slubby texture to them, great summer pant. The buckle back is a nice touch as well.

Raf Simons mainline runway pants - 52 - $120
These have about a 34 waist but has elastic so will fit up to a 36. Great slim-fit pant that I REALLY wish I had in a size smaller. 100% fine wool that drapes so unbelievably well I didn't hem them any shorter than they are (about 34-35" inseam) when I could wear them - which was a period of about 3 weeks in between my original weight and where I am now. Like you can stack them and they look awesome just because of the material. If these fit you there is a good chance they will be your favourite pants. I could not get a picture that will do them justice.

Helmut Lang Grey Pinstripe Suit - 42 - $200
From the Helmut Lang Era, about 2005. Barely worn, just the jacket a couple of times as the pants are too short for me (~30 inseam) and the jacket is now too big. HL era Helmut Lang is about the cut first and foremost, along with really solid quality and great materials, but there are always the little extra things like the blood red lining on this suit which looks fantastic. If you need a slim staple suit you couldn't do much better and you sure as hell can't for 200 bucks.

Dries Van Noten 3b Suit - 40 - $150
This is a great suit with an interesting flat angular hem-line on the jacket. It is charcoal with a very subtle (barely visible, actually) tone-on-tone stripe for texture. The hem is really the visual interest here, it's a pretty cool effect, or would be on someone it fit. Doesn't fit me the way I want, so I must move it on at a loss. The lining is also really soft.

Paul Smith charcoal 2 button suit - Slim 42 - $180
This is a great slim suit (~21.5" p2p) in a staple colour - simple as that. For just general use and versatility, you can't do much better anywhere near this cheap so this is priced to move... The paisley lining is pretty awesome as well.

Alexander McQueen runway tan suit - Slim 52 - $380
The fabric on this is fantastic - it is a blend of silk and rayon that just falls really nicely. The cut is slim to the point of being more of a EU50 - 21" in p2p and 34"ish waist. I'm usually a 38 and I can wear it, but in order to wear it as slim as it's designed to be. Really, really wish it was a 50 instead. The retail on this was an astounding $2950. SS09 IIRC - Good opportunity to own a great runway piece in perfect condition for next to nothing.

Alexander McQueen burgundy wool trou - 52 - $150
Example the first of McQueen mainline items that are just ridiculously luxe. The quality of the wool on these is astounding and they're just really, really well made. The colour is on the bold side but not too obtrusive as it's a fairly dark burgundy. Matches well against navy, black, and tan, really most solids or subdued pattern so I find them pretty versatile but I am just not a 52, even though these are cut fairly slim (not skinny). Retail was $710.

Alexander McQueen khaki chino - Slim 52 - $130
Exhibit B in the expo of really well made pants by McQueen mainline, these are quite a substantial weight cotton with outstanding construction and a slim-but-not-excessively-so cut. The visual interest comes from the belt loops at the waist hiding the belt most of the way aroundand the accent on the back pockets - strikes me as kind of a Lanvin-ish detail. Retail was $695 on these and for good reason.

Alexander McQueen grey/blue wool trou - Slim 52 - $150

And here is the third example of that same awesomeness. Really great weighty flannel wool in a bluish grey, unusual but extremely versatile colour of pant in a great cut with frogmouth pockets. The grosgrain trim is a really nice addition - the colour makes it noticeable but in the context of an outfit it works well whether you pair them with a solid or pattern, and is not obtrusive.

Incotex High Comfort chinos in dark khaki and steel grey - Slim 54 - $60 each

These are the slimmest cut incotex makes in a cotton chino, they have 4% elastane for stretchiness. There has been enough hype about incotex on here that everyone probably knows all there is to know about these by now in terms of the quality and cut. The material on these is on the heavier side for incos.

McQ Alexander McQueen shirt - Slim 52 - $65
This is one of the better quality Italy-made McQ pieces from a line that, as diffusions go, is really well made in general. Great buttons, substantial weight cotton and a slim cut. The neck tie detail is really interesting and works well on its own or under a knit. The retail was $325.00 on this.

Alexander McQueen taupe hidden placket shirt - Very slim 56 - $100

This is brand new, never been worn. It's tagged a 56 but with a 23" p2p measurement I think it fits in between a 42 and 44. Fairly weighty cotton, and the hidden placket aside a fairly understated but well-cut piece with the expected high level of quality. Retail was $645.

Alexander McQueen snowflake pattern shirt - Slim 52 - $125

This is easily the boldest piece I'm listing here, though it continues the theme of McQueen pieces that it looks much less bold once it's in a fit - I have included a fit pic of me wearing it for reference below. It's very much McQueen, if you like his stuff it is definitely signature status. I love it, personally, but It's too big, so it doesn't get worn. It's like new. Retail was $645.

Alexander McQueen white grosgrain trim shirt - Slim 52 - $125

And one more runway McQueen shirt. This is for the me best one, again kind of reminds me of Lanvin with the hidden placket and the grosgrain. All it is is a really well made, well cut versatile white shirt with a couple of design details that set it apart but don't overwhelm anything when it's in the context of a fit. Just a really useful shirt - if it fits you, which unfortunately, it doesn't me.

Dior Homme Hedi Slimane era shirt - Slim 52 - $100

From 2006 IIRC, so still when Hedi was there. Hidden placket with three stripes of cream fabric on the right shoulder. There is a little spot on the wearer's right side you can see in the first pic - barely - quite small and not really noticeable when worn. Pretty cool piece that can be worn in any number of situations, and it's getting harder to find Hedi era stuff (particularly for reasonable prices).

John Varvatos micro-corduroy floral shirt - L - $75

When I weighed more this was one of my favourite shirts. It just didn't get enough wear because I was doing a more military / workwear thing at that point. Now that I'd like to be wearing it more often it's too big - 22.5" pit to pit, fits a true large but the cut does taper and it's quite flattering. The material is awesome, really soft. The pattern is small enough that it isn't super bold or but it does add something - one of the better patterns I've seen. Check the closeup.

John Varvatos mini-check shirt - L - $50

This has a great pattern. It's fairly slim. The buttons are particularly nice. And I've listed it for really really cheap. Retail was $235, if I remember right.

Polo Ralph Lauren silk jacket - 42L - $175
This is next to new. It's a 3/2 roll with slimmer lapels than you normally see on Polo. Made in Italy by Corneliani. Quarter lined with soft shoulders. It's just a really awesome casual jacket. Fits in between a 40L and 42L, which isn't out of the ordinary for Corneliani Polo - this is a bit slimmer than most of their stuff though overall. Check out the closeup to get the depth of the silk weave, it's a fantastic texture.

Helmut Lang navy cotton pinstripe jacket - 42 - $175
From the Helmut Lang era, slim but not overly so, slim but not excessively slim lapels, really versatile medium navy with an understated pindot stripe, and a great-looking lapel roll. Excellent construction in a soft but substantial cotton. In other words, another really good example of what HL did well when he was with his line. Too big for me or I would wear it constantly.

Burberry Prorsum tan 3 button jacket - 42 - $125

Given this retailed at $1500 it qualifies as a "steal". It's priced about 1/3 of what it would otherwise be because of a bit of discoloration on the shoulder which you can see in the pics. It's not terribly noticeable, but it's there. The jacket actually works as outerwear, too. Fit is slim, as is generally the case with Prorsum. The patch pockets are a particularly nice touch.

Steven Alan Reverse Seam plaid shirt - Slim XL (darted) - $50

Don't need to say much here, I think at this point everyone knows all about the reverse seam shirts - solid quality, great fit, interesting little detail at the neck with the reverse seam, and this one has a great pattern. It's darted, fits quite slim as a result of having been tailored to slim it down a bit further.

Wings + Horns grey cotton cardigan - Slim L - $90

Nice layering piece that fits fairly slim. Cloth-covered black buttons are a nice touch. Just a really great staple layering piece. There are a couple of spots that I have pictured close-up with flash - at regular distance they aren't visible (actually kinda hard to see them in the close-ups) but again full disclosure.

McQ Alexander McQueen textured wool v-neck - L - $180
Really interesting texture on this knit. The thing retailed at like $900 which is absurd for McQ. Size L, fits a bit oversized, stretchy... could be worn by 50-54 depending how you want it. I'm a 50 and it looks good oversized on me.

Go-to PRL 100% cashmere of the ever-versatile 397.50 line. Size L. $80

PRL Fair-isle vest - L - $50
One of the better fair isle patterns / colour schemes I've seen, but too big for me. Interesting fabric composition too, silk linen cotton blend.

Skull 5010xx 6x6 Raw size 33 $210
They're the best jeans I've ever owned in terms of denim, quality, weight, hardware... But my Spurrs fit me better so I have been reaching for those, and these could use a better home. They're like new, worn only a couple times. Red tab version which is not available for sale in North America anywhere to my knowledge owing to copyright issues. Measurements and pics are on selfedge at the link below, but by my measuring tape the waist on these is about 33.5" rather than 34".

Naked & Famous Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch size 31x36
Worn once, basically like new, 80 + shipping for 'em. I'll trade for the same in 32.

More pics etc at Barney's.

Helmut Lang Black Waxed Denim 32x34 - $140
Helmut Lang era Helmut Lang. Bought these as an alternative to dropping 500 on dior luster waxes, but I am just too comfortable in my other jeans right now so these haven't been worn. Slim tapered cut. They deserve better, really nice heavy denim with a wax treatment that isn't too over the top.

Waist - 17
Thigh - 12
Rise - 9.5
Hem - 7.5
Inseam - 34

Marc Jacobs Black Astrakhan Wool Lined Leather Bomber - XL $650
This is, simply put, the ultimate leather bomber. The body is fully lined in incredibly soft astrakhan wool. It's extremely warm. This was a runway piece that retailed at $3500 and is in perfect condition. In other words, it's a steal.

Astrakhan Lining -

Helmut Lang Cream Cotton Puffa Jacket - XL (fits L) - $280
Really warm jacket with a huge hood. The pictures pretty much tell the story... hard to find a more bad ass puffy jacket than this one. Retailed at... astronomical.

Rake not included.

Shoes & Boots

Generic Man Sportsman in Black Caviar - 44 - $100
These fit like an 11. They are barely used... I love them in theory, but just never seem to wear them in practice, as I don't really wear sneakers much.

Allen Edmonds Hampstead Chili Woven Leather Spectator - 12D - $150
Worn about 10 times, have a couple of scuffs on the cap and heel, but otherwise very good condition. There is one mark on the side of the right shoe that you can see in the top right picture, it's about 2mm in size.

Allen Edmonds Austin Black Wholecut - 13D (Fits Small) - $120
These are a pretty rare find. They were made in the mid 1980s but not worn until I acquired them as new old stock about a year ago. I have worn them about 5 times since then. They fit my feet quite well and I am an 11.5-12, so I would say they fit about a full size small. I guess people in the 80s had small feet? Anyway, they are quite sleek by AE standards and made to a higher standard than much of the stuff they've put out recently. They are topy'd.

J Murphy Two-Toned Brown Captoe Balmoral Boots - 12D - $60
Great boots with a two-toned finish. A couple of scuffs here and there, but in good shape overall. Fairly sleek last on these.

Wings + Horns White Short Sleeved Hoodie - M - $25
Riri zips, classic fleece. Fits true to size. New, never worn... too small.

Raf by Raf Contrast Collar Shirt - Blue - XL - $65
Fits slim, like a L.

Helmut Lang Cream Shirt - XL - $70
Fits quite slim and short, a lot like the BoO above. Made during the Lang era before the line was sold.

Wings + Horns White Chest Pocket Polo - L - $30
Epaulets, chest pocket and a horizontal stripe woven into the fabric, as you can see in the closeup. Barely worn.

Wings + Horns White Long Placket Polo - L - $40
This is a heavier weight thick textured cotton, a really nice FW piece. Note that there is a bit of yellowing under the collar, could be bleached out.

Agnes B Charcoal Wool Jacket - 54 - $125

Wings + Horns Straight Fit Raw 36x34 - $140
Best straight cut jean I have seen yet. Were $275. If anyone sees these in a 33 or maybe 32 please PM me (though I doubt it). No washes. Inseam might be a bit longer than 34.

Waist - 18.25
Thigh - 13
Rise - 11
Hem - 8.75
Inseam - 35

Acne Mic Raw 36x32 - $85
Classic straight leg fit, you all know it. Bought for $230. No washes, light wear.

Waist - 18.75
Thigh - 12.75
Rise - 10.25
Hem - 9
Inseam - 32

Ermengildo Zegna 3b Silk & Wool Glenplaid Sportcoat - 54 - $225

Full Sized Picture here:

Polo by Corneliani 100% Silk Herringbone Jacket - 44L - $200

Canali Green w/ Brown Check 90%/10% Wool/Cashmere Jacket - 44L - $100
Excuse the wrinkling, this is in fantastic condition, but needs a press.

Theory 2b Navy Cotton Jacket - 44 - $80


J. Lindeberg 2b Charcoal w/ Pink Pinstripe Bellied Lapel Jacket - 54 - $90

Polo by Corneliani Brown with White Stripe Cashmere / Wool 3 Button Suit - 44 - $240
This was actually tagged a 46, but fits a 44, as it's the slimmer Bleecker cut. Amazingly soft wool/cashmere blend, and slim lapels. Worn 3 times, like new.

Polo by Corneliani Three Piece 2b Charcoal Nailhead Suit - 44R - $300
This was the suit I wanted so, so badly and finally got earlier this year. I was very hesitant to part with it because for me it's the best Polo I've seen and I have owned about a dozen. It fits a little slim as Corneliani is wont to do, more of a 43. Pants have side tabs.

Picture of the Vest:

Dries Van Noten Brown Double Breasted Suit - Size 54 - $300
This one I WILL keep and get tailored if it doesn't sell, awesome F/W suit in a very soft cotton / wool blend. The lapels are perfect. It's been worn 2-3 times. Retailed over $2000.

If you're a slim 44L, I have a couple of Polo by Corneliani suits (a chalkstripe flannel and a 3 piece grey nailhead) in brand new condition, shoot me a PM if you're interested in those.
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If you were a 36 or 30 waist, you'd be like 700 dollars richer right now so sad these are way too big
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Helmut Lang Cream Cotton Puffa Jacket - XL (fits L) - $280 Really warm jacket with a huge hood. The pictures pretty much tell the story... hard to find a more bad ass puffy jacket than this one. Retailed at... astronomical. Kind of interested in that retail now xD. And: Wings + Horns White Short Sleeved Hoodie - M - $25 Would you take a money order?
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wtf nice stuff
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To above, would take a money order but you'd have to overnight it to me. I forgot to add perhaps the baller-est item so now I have to price drop it... It is a textured, fully lined silk with peak lapels and flat front pants, cuffed and hemmed. While the pants were hemmed, the suit was never worn and original tags are included as pictured. The suit is tagged 52 and fits slim, but not as slim as most McQueen suits. It's $600 -> $575 Measurements: Chest - 44" Shoulder - 18.75" Sleeve - 25.75" Jacket Length - 31.75" Waist - 36" Inseam - 33.5" Cuff - 8.25" Retail was over $6000.00. If there was only a baller suit thread... well I guess that would be called "MC". There are a couple of small smudges on the back of the collar. When worn you'd pretty much have to be standing directly behind the wearer leaning over staring at the collar to notice them, but I include a flash-enhanced pic in the interests of full disclosure: In any case, they'll probably come out first trip to the cleaners (obviously this has never been cleaned being brand new).
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Couple of quick price adjustments. Couple of things sold.
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If I was a bigger buy I would buy soo much
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can i get measdurments on the 3 piece suit? been looking for one
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Ugh. I'm just starting up a new job. Hopefully some of this stuff will still be on sale in a months time. It's not often I come across somone who apparently has the exact body size as me, and is selling quality stuff.
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God that Mcqueen sweater and Raf Simons pants are calling me pm me paypal details please.
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Hi, could you please send me measurements on paul smith grey suit? Very interested. 1st time on style forum but lots of purchases on ebay as 'robertb_nyla'. Thanks! Robert
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Cool stuff.
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Price drops, stock updated. Will consider trades for stuff in my sig! Also conceivably certain heavyweight Mabitex in 48eu, since that seems to be a commodity with endless supply of late.
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trying to pm you.. your inbox is full.
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