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Phil's 1908

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I'm looking for an extremely fitted suit like a Armani or Zegna, but do not want to spend that kind of money. I've heard Phil's 1908 in NYC has this look at rock bottom prices, however I've never been in the store. Does anyone have any experience with this store? Can I achieve my goal at Phil's if I make the trip?
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I've walked by it. Nice windows. Never stepped in yet.

Anyone else?
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I've lurking around SF for a few months. This post prompted me to join and reply.

Since March, I've made a few purchases @ Phil's: a couple of sportcoats and 2 suits on sale back in the Spring, and, more recently, a few of the newer suits he just got in from Italy, where he gets everything made.

I don't know exactly what you mean by "extremely fitted", but his line fits me well and I prefer slimmer-shaped cuts (I'm 6 feet tall & 175 lbs).

Some of his newer stuff features slanted pockets which, according to other posts I've seen on SF, make you look slimmer still. I recently purchased a few new suits from his new line -- 2 high-stance 2-buttons with notch lapels (added a ticket pocket on each) and 2 high-stance 2-buttons with peak lapels and ticket pockets. All of his suits are half-canvassed and most are 110s wool.

This much I can say -- I think his stuff is great-looking, fits well, is reasonably priced and of good quality. It may not be on par with many of the brand names you'll see tossed aorund on this forum, but I'm just beginning my sartorial quest and can't afford a lot of the higher end stuff at the moment. For the time being, sis stuff suits my needs perfectly and, I think, measures up against anything else I've owned to date.

Also... Phil himself is both knowledgeable and helpful, not to mention an interesting guy when you talk to him and hear the story of the store's development, etc. Most interesting is the fact that every time I've been there of late, I feel like more and more people are coming into the store... so word seems to be getting out around NYC and beyond.

I hope this helps. At the least, check him out while you're visiting NYC and see what you think for yourself. I think you'll be pleased. Good luck.
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Is this the place that is in midtown between lex and 3rd ? Or is it on a corner right on lex. There are two stores that I always walk by that are relatively close to each other and I think one of them is Phil's. Also, what are the prices?
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Southeast corner of 59th and 3rd (989 3rd Ave). Caddy-corner to Bloomingdales, home to overpriced clothing galore...

Prices hover between $400-600 for suits @ retail. Suits on sale were about 1/3 off when I bought them, as were the sportjackets.

Also... when I was in there last week, most shirts and ties were 50% off. I think he's clearing space for the new stuff he's expecting to arrive soon. The shirt quality is ok -- there are certainly better quality shirts out there. But, they have a nice, slim fit and the 15.5/39 is dead-perfect on me, so I picked up a few to pair with the new suits I purchased. Nice colors to match what he has in suits and jackets.

Many of his ties are quite nice, too, IMHO.
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