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Lasting longer in sex

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Well to save you your time and my embarrisment I'll make the story short. Basically every time I have sex, I cant last more than 10 minutes. I really don't know what it is. The only way I can last long is:
A.\tmasturbate before I have sex and go about 20 mins
B.\tget really drunk and never finish

ive tried thinking about something completely different and just plain old enjoying it but every time I seem to just tense up and cum.

I have no clue if anyone can help me with this or even wants to because its kind of a personal subject but thanks for looking
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Why not have sex twice?
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grow older, it will happen with no effort....
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Um... must resist temptation to make corny jokes....ahhhh. From what I've read the average male doesnt last longer than about 4 1/2 mins the first time around. Its something like 90 thrusts, if you tap on something with your finger 90 times and look at the clock, thats about how long men go for on average. As far as what you should be thinking about... well... try to concentrate on her body language and reactions... really pay attention, listen. I know its atouchy subject here so I'm trying to be tactfull. So anyway, just listen to her, focus on her. Even if you indirectly only focus on yourself and trying to fight the sensation down there, youre always going to find yourself at the 10min mark. When you learn to get your pleasure from seeing her pleasure, its a totally different thing man. What else can I say... Don't fuck fat chicks.
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Two words (well we make it three): (Think) Margaret Thatcher
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Originally Posted by Buddy Love
Two words (well we make it three):

(Think) Margaret Thatcher

Dude I said last longer, not lose the erection!

Haha but anyway I'll have to concentrate more on her... but please do continue on the advice
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Eat meat
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If you feel you are getting close, take a time-out, go down on her for a few minutes, then resume and change positions. It'll help you last, and I swear that she won't complain about it.
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The way to relax is to breath slowly and evenly and way down deep, as if you're breathing through your gonads. If you start breathing too hard or "cork" your breath, you'll tense up and blow it. Relax and concentrate on your breathing, and you'll last longer.
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Originally Posted by vincent
Eat meat

even tho this was making fun of me, i laughed my ass off

i really havent thought of taking a break.. all ive done was switch possions.

i'll have to try the breating technique
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Originally Posted by Stax

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Zoloft is presecribed by physicians for this problem.

You'll have to determine the appropriate dosage as it has varying effect from making last longer to having a hard time (no pun) finishing.

---This is the answer you seek from a medical standpoint.
Also, changing one's position is also as previously stated however Zoloft (or other SSRI's) is your answer

Serotonin for Premature Ejaculation

Dapoxetine is a member of a class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs. This class of drugs includes several antidepressant medications such as Paxil or Zoloft that have also been used for the treatment of premature ejaculation. They work by increasing the amount of a chemical, serotonin, in the brain.

Studies suggest that men with premature ejaculation have too-low serotonin levels. Dapoxetine has a potent, quick-acting effect on serotonin levels that makes it possible to explore its use as a premature ejaculation treatment.

Also Dapoxetine when available.
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I find the more I have sex the longer I am able to last!!!
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Honestly -- get some of the gel stuff you rub on your dick to make it less sensitive. You can find it in the drugstore next to the condoms. Worked wonders for me. Not kidding. Also, if you can give her an orgasm during foreplay, you will be more readily forgiven for blowing your wad early.
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