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JAI Custom Tailor (Hong Kong)?

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Anyone familiar with JAI Custom Tailor in Hong Kong? They'll be making a visit to my business school next week, and I'm wondering if they're worthwhile or not. The prices seem reasonable, but I haven't a clue about the workmanship. Thanks.
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Is Umesh paying you a visit?

What you need to do is be prepared to haggle, and haggle hard on price! I think he actually enjoys it! He's been in our offices a few times and and I've seen him do shirts for AU$100 for some people and I was down to about AU$65. Obviously, the more you do the better, but you should be aiming sub AU$70 (sorry, I realise you're in the US!)

Shirts, first time around my sleeves were too long. I've seen other guys with shirts too big, so it varies. However, the key is the fact hat if you send him a copy of your tailors receipt, he'll gladly refund you the cash.

Suits.. not a bad job, I've got three that I'm happy with. However, one of them I had to have reworked at my tailor. They've got a decent enough range of materials, however I think it's really good when you know to the nth degree what you want with details (pockets, inside pockets, vents etc..) One thing to note, they didn't even put 'fake' button holes on my first jacket, so make sure you ask.... so that's a downside.

I got my test suit and shirt in September last year and followed up in Feb this year. All suits are wearing nicely and for the price, I was very happy.. that's the key - the price! Great for everyday suits, however if you can go to Jantzen - do so.
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standard indian tailor nothing special, look for a suit around HK $2000 in a non branded fabric!
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I wandered into WW Chan the other day in TST when looking for Muji and it looks quite a serious operation (for Hong Kong). If I was going to get a HK suit, I'd probably go there. For shirts, it's still Jantzen.
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