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Square bottomed knit ties

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Do you guys this that these "sock ties", as Manton has called them, are too old fogeyish or too wierd? I think they can be interesting in a casual ensemble. As Emeril would say, "kick it up a notch."

Or has it gone the way of the dodo and bowtie?
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I wear 'em and love 'em. Got a bunch. In general, I reserve them for more casual ocassions, preferring grenadines with suits. I have one, though, that's such a perfect, unusual shade of blue that I'll wear it with gray suits.
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I have one--an RLPL one--and wear it once a year whether I want to or not.
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Very stylish with casual sports jacket...not so stylish with a suit.
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The knit tie is a hardy perennial. Also travels well (crushproof).
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Originally Posted by Dragon
Very stylish with casual sports jacket...not so stylish with a suit.
Ian Fleming would disagree. So would I.
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I wear them all of the time, and have somewhat of a large collection. I prefer mine to be wool, or a wool/mohair blend.
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Whenever I don't wear a bowtie, these are the ties I prefer. They have a sort of insouciant elan about them.

The horizontally striped ones are the best.
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i have been thinking about getting a couple 1 in navy and 1 in burgandy i think they look pretty smart!
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The only one I like with a suit really is the solid black. The formality of the color is offset by the playfulness of the weave. Although I think that knit ties can go with suits very nicely, I think they are more informal than formal. I think some people might even be insulted if you wear one for an occasion that demands sincerity, as if youre saying Im so carefree I dont care about this meeting.

The grenadine tie, as mentioned before, gives you that texture without the "bounce" of a full blooded knit and no one can question that tie's sincerity for a serious meeting.

the knit tie has definitely not gone the way of the DoDo. I didnt realize the bowtie had. I mean if Tucker Carlson stopped wearing them, that's bad. I guess it's time for me to start wearing them. Although the bowtie looks best on very rugged or gruff men because it softens them up. On most others, it can seem precious. So, if you are Mike Tyson, maybe it works. It's too bad really, everyone should be able to wear a bowtie a couple times a month for variety. But then choices keep getting abridged and it looks like the printed tie is also going the way of the DoDo.
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I wear them to work sometimes, when I feel the need to cope with the absurdity of Banana Republic by shoving absurdity down BR's throat. I have three and I think they look great.
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I wear them all the time. With suits, sportjackets and sweaters.
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Definitley plus 1 as well. I have seen some really cool ones from Malo which I should have bought. I believe they were reversible and made from cashmere.
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On the fence myself. Not a huge fan, not a huge detractor. In my opinion, they work best with odd jackets and BD collars. I see a fair number of British inspired Italians who like to wear them (in solid colors) with unbuttoned BD collars, tweed jackets, and gray flannels. For the full Agnelli, wear your watch over your shirt cuff.
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Knits are great sportcoat ties but I find them a little too informal to wear with a suit. For tweed suits I prefer a woven wool tie over a knit.
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