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The problem with coming from a good background is that you work at least four times as hard in high school, and twice as hard in college, compared to how hard you work in the 'real world'!
I feel very sorry for all those lawyers and doctors...
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I am under the impression that in American culture the time in high school is given particular attention - consider all the movies and pop songs.
In German culture, if at all, it would be the time in college.

In that case, I missed out, since I did "high school" in Germany, College in USA and graduate school in Switzerland. I liked graduate school the best, though.
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Originally Posted by Oddly Familiar
Is high school really the best times of your life? I love it and it has been the best so far, but is it really as amazing as everyone says when you look back on it years later? The reason I ask is because I am seriously considering graduating early, and the only draw back I can see is not getting to walk across the stage with the rest of my class. Have any of you guys graduated early. If so, do you regret it?

I graduated early, but then again I hated HS. I just got my diploma mailed to me and started col early. I had the option of walking across and all that but just sat the audience to watch my girlfriend instead.

If HS does end up being the best time of youre life then you have my sympathies.
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I kind of graduated early (started college classes in the evening, took only two HS classes) and wouldn't do it that way again.

HS was okay; still friends with most of my HS friends, lots of good memories, some not-so-good ones.
College was much, much better, though. Nothing beats that feeling at 2:00 on a Thursday, with nothing to do until Sunday night or Monday morning. Vast expanses of free time are a thing of the past for me.
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I abhorred high school. Rather enjoyed college. Abhorred law school.
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I "dropped out" of high school after 10th grade to start college early. I enjoyed high school but mine in particular wasn't very challenging. Still, most of my best friends today, five years on, were friends I made in high school. I'm a fifth-year senior in college now and college has been way better than high school, with the exception of high school swimming, which was totally awesome.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Checks
Nothing beats that feeling at 2:00 on a Thursday, with nothing to do until Sunday night or Monday morning.

Oh man you are so right.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Checks
Nothing beats that feeling at 2:00 on a Thursday, with nothing to do until Sunday night or Monday morning. Vast expanses of free time are a thing of the past for me.
Loved that feeling, in my senior year I only went to school on Tuesday night and then on Wednesday and Thursday all day. Looking back on it I didn't do enough road tripping. HS was an down and then up for me. I started with few friends and being very uninterested in what typical high school students did. As the years progressed I became more involved with student government/acting/sports etc. and made a lot aquantinces in different cliques. I've always been that person that stood just "outside" of things. I was also lucky enough to start some really close friendships with a few people that I still hang out with every chance I get. I chose to go to university in another province and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It sucked initially but I found my niche and had the opportunity to grow leaps and bounds. So in short, HS was ok, Uni was amazing, and now I'm looking forward to seeing what's next. I've noticed that the most interesting people I've met always describe high school as "hell" or some variation on the theme. Most felt like they never totally fit in. A.
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I`ve been pondering this same question. I'm currently starting Grade 12, but I do my HS through distance education (the new name for traditional correspondence), meaning I get assignments and textbooks sent out and then return them completed. This serves to remove me from others my age and pretty much all the benefits of HS, e.g. clubs, sports, extra curricular activities, hot girls. It allow would allow me to do my school very quickly, if I wasn't so lazy (another student I know is 12 and in Grade 11). I glad that I'm intelligent enough that school is incredibly easy; it overcomes my extreme laziness. I would doubt that I spend more than 30mins on school a day when it is averaged out and still get 90%+ grades I lasted about one month in an advance program in Grade 9. I was in an advanced program through elementary school that had several math genious that were top in the country, national level chess players that went to worlds, national level science nerds, etc. I was spoiled with being around brilliance. The one distinct memory of my Grade 9 "advanced program" was the teacher explaining to a student why she couldn't be in two classes in the same period.The general level of stupidity of teenagers surrounding any topic that doesn't involved Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, or someother celebrity of the moment is unbearable for me. So would others advise me to go back to "real" school for my last year and have grad, prom, and the rest? I'm sure most of you have/had equally unusual interests compared with the traditional teen. For example, yesterday I had a fun night of playing Scrabble .
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I've noticed high schoolers don't appreciate late Dirk Bogarde films or fine vintage items. They seem uniformly cheap in their pursuits.
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I enjoyed HS, but would not call it the greatest time of my life. I guess it was fine for teenage excess, angst, idiocy, etc...

HS was too homogenous to give me what I needed, and my true growth came from university and travels.

I feel like now I am coming into the pinnacle of my life with both excitement and opportunities available to me

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I liked high school better than college, but I went to boarding school which is likely a very different experience.
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For the self described "inherently elegant", im betting highschool could prove something of a challenge.
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I would have to say being a kid was the best time of my life. Think about it you have absolutely nothing to worry about except playing with your friends.
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All this talk about whether or not high school is "best" is rather depressing. One needs to take every single day — be it in high school, university, at work or play — as an opportunity to seek wisdom, to do good, to love, and most of all, to have fun. If you can't have fun, stay in freaking bed.
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