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High school

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Is high school really the best times of your life? I love it and it has been the best so far, but is it really as amazing as everyone says when you look back on it years later? The reason I ask is because I am seriously considering graduating early, and the only draw back I can see is not getting to walk across the stage with the rest of my class. Have any of you guys graduated early. If so, do you regret it?
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Originally Posted by Oddly Familiar
Is high school really the best times of your life?

Lord no, I pretty much forgot about it and I only graduated four years ago. And I liked high school. As for early graduation, I think it's generally a mistake to try to speed up your life at such an age. Why do you want to graduate early?
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High School, looking back, wasn't that great. I'm done with college and I'd say that was many, many times better than HS.

I've heard people say that college is the most fun you'll have all of your life, and that I believe.
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I'm just about finished with it, and it's had nothing on kindergarten. I doubt college will either.
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High school was unquestionably the most dismal time of my life. I don't have a single fond memory.
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High School didn't prepare me for anything useful at all.
I learned all my habits and found my passions in University. The people are generally smarter and more interesting to talk to as well.

I notice a trend here...
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I'll break the trend I thought high school was great...senior week is one of my best memories
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i have only good things to remember about my high school years. and i cherish until now my friends from that time of my life. (sniff)
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I considered it briefly but decided against. Lucky me, because senior year of HS will undoubtedly be one of the greatest years of my life (along with HS freshman year) when all's said and done. I had a blast in HS. It helped that I was able to party harder then than in college. The two are very different experiences and should be savoured to the fullest extyent possible.
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Originally Posted by Oddly Familiar
Is high school really the best times of your life?

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I wouldn't say that high school is the best time in your life. Perhaps high school is the most care free time of your life. When I was in high school, I was basically a slacker - I didn't do much work, I just got by with mediocre grades, didn't really care much what happened. In that way, .life was much easier in high school, but I wouldn't say that life was better or that I had a better time. Right now, I'm engaged to be married, I can sort of see where my life is going, I have more money than I had in high school, I get to do a lot more interesting things, see a lot more interesting places and have a lot more interesting experiences. High school was alright, but if you're one of those guys that thinks that high school was the best time of your life (sort of like Al Bundy), then I kind of feel sorry for you.
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The only period I disliked more than high school was college. Having graduated this past spring, I can that I feel much happier being done with school forever than I ever did while going through it.
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I loved high school. College was even better. Law school was the best! Working sucks. A lot.
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I like college, like working, but hated HS.

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Odoreater has it right. You have a pretty care-free life in HS. As you go on in life many things become way better but that comes with the trade-off of having more responsibility.

In high school I spent my time hanging out with friends, hanging out with and having a lot of sex with my girl-friend (ahh, the memories of a gf up for about anything, if you know what I mean), at my part time job earning some cash, and in school. I liked all of it. It was fun. But if I didn't have that job it wouldn't have been the end of the world. My responsibilities consisted of doing what I said I would, going to school, and being home by curfew.

College was better in that I had more freedome. But I also had to have a job. Had to to pay for my part of school. All else was basically the same.

Grad school was serious stress, but was pretty easy, if financially poor, living. In a way there was less freedom because of the lack of money, but I got a whole new level of respect from people. Much less sex, unfortunately.

Now that I'm graduated and have a job it's great. I have plenty of money, have a job I like, and am engaged. But if things go wrong I still have to come up with the rent check. Much more freedom, much more responsibility.

It's all about trade-offs. If you look back on your life and you've never progressed beyond HS (and I knew guys like this) then things have gone drastically wrong.

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