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Barrie Ltd Booters

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I received an ebay buy a couple of days ago. A black captoe with semibrogue and a medallion, in nearly new condition. A solid well made pair of shoes, apparently 'handcrafted' whatever that means. I got it for a low price which was nice in itself. I googled the name and found that the shop that sold these shoes is now out of business (not that surprising I know): it used to be on York and Broadway in Yale. From the articles, it seemed a nice family run affair - buying good quality shoes from nearby and from England. They also offered free shoe shines to anyone and everyone, not just customers. They closed down a few years ago when Yale University imposed a new lease stating that they had to stay open till 9pm and open sunday afternoons too. The family decided that they couldn't really do this, being very 'hands on' and shut down the shop. Sad really. Oh, and the shoes are nice, I wore them yesterday.
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some pic's please!
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here you go


nothing special to look at really but a nice 'story'
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i quite like them in fact, i have been looking for something simular myself maybe i could borrow them and get them copied! and the story is great too!
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the shop was on the same block as my dorm, next door to J Press. if these are made in England, they are most likely rebranded Cheaneys.

after Barrie Booters closed, one of the owners opened up more or less the same shop--in the same storefront--under the name of Paul Richards. they don't carry the English shoes anymore but carry Allen Edmonds at a discount (10% off) year-round.
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Barrie was a New Haven institution for years and years. They also had a shop in West Hartford for a few years, which closed when the main store closed. They had a devoted clientele. A very no frills, quality product for a good price kind of place (the type of place you'd expect to find in New England).
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I loved Barrie Ltd. I still have one old pair of black rubber-soled captoes
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Looks like this thread isn't really around any more, but I also got a pair of Barrie Ltd. Booters wingtips off of eBay a few weeks ago, and they're in fantastic condition. Does anyone know if the label is still being made even though the store has been shut down, or are these from pre-2003? If so, they really are in great shape.
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