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 I have some boxes but I like to line them up under my bed and keep them ready to shine. I try to rotate them equally.

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I have a smaller closet between my coat closet and main walk-in closet that I use for shoe storage. If I didn't have that additional small closet, I would probably go with a shoe rack in my coat closet. I like my shoes stored as closely to the entrance to my apartment as possible.
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Okay people, this is a 3 year old thread resurrected for this very specific question. Take a peek at the dates on the posts before responding...


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Some boxes are so small that the shoes have to be stored in them lying on the sides (not on the soles). Is it OK to store them like that for a longer time, esp. with the shoe trees inside the shoes? Can the shoes lose shape due to gravity?


To answer your question, I don't see any harm in having your shoes lying on their sides. Many people here store their shoes in the boxes to which you are referring. I choose not to, not because of potential damage, but purely out of laziness.

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It's hard for me to believe that this is really harmless, but if you say so... I'll give it a try with some cheaper pair ;-)

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I wanna buy this SHOE STORAGE so i must looking for that whwre

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They come in various sizes that can accommodate anything from loafers to boots.

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Good luck fitting your men's shoes in there. 8" exterior width probably means 7" interior width, which can only accommodate probably size 7 and down.

They are designed for ladies shoes.
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