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Casual shoe suggestions.

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Hi, I know this isn't Honestforum, but bear with me.

I'm a college student who has for the most part worn Dr. Martens shoes for casual use for the past six years. I still love my Docs, but I'm getting sort of tired of the same look.

I find some Diesel shoes I really liked, and lo and behold, Diesel sucks at shoe sizes.

So... anyone have any suggestions for good dark brown/black casual shoes? I liked the Remy and Lani styles from Diesel. I also have seen some Lacoste shoes I would wear, but again, no size 14s.

So I'm looking for some comfortable casual shoes in a dark brown/black in a size 14. I'd like to stay under $100.00 as well, with 130-ish as the absolute maximum. I am also not a fan of Converses.

Help? :P
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Vans slipons Converse Jack Purcell
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Anyone have an opinion on Simple Shoes?
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Chuck Taylors
Justin Ropers (no stitching unless you can pull it off)
Clark's Wallabes
Clark's desert boots
Sperry Topsiders
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Originally Posted by aspriel
Anyone have an opinion on Simple Shoes?
Giant ugly skate shoes . I don't even want to know how big they would look at size 14. I know your choices are limited man, and I feel your pain. I'll see if I can find you other things to consider. EDIT: Onitsuka Tigers come in size 14, in a wide variety of colors. While I personally feel the shoe is somewhat juvenile, they seem to be somewhat popular. EDIT2: PF Flyers and Adidas Rod Laver would be two other good choices. EDIT3: Vans sk8 hi EDIT4: I normally don't really think of Macbeth as cool, but out of all the brown or black shoes that come in size 14, I think these look good.
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-Adidas Samba's (black w/white stripes)
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Apologies for the bump, kind peoples.

What does anyone think of these shoes (they're a bit pricy....)

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not into those type of shoes at all
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Provided you are in the US, Camper Pelotas may fit the bill??? These and many other variations are available in size 14 at ZAPPOS. A very tired look in EU, but you should be safe in the US. I've been wearing the pair pictured below for... uh... almost 3 years????!!! A good value, in other words... Good luck.
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-lacoste turbos -campers -paul smith sneakers -diesel sneaks -chuck taylors -jack purcells -sambas -vans -alifeNYC
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Jean: No such luck with Lacoste or Diesel in 14.
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try nike SB's or dunks
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