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Hi all,

Fashion wise I'm quite new to the scence though I've always thought myself quite stylish for my age (15). Recently I've wanted to update my wardorbe for a new highschool I'm heading too. In doing so I bought a book by Alan Fussler "Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion" which I found a bit helpful but it applies to suits so I'm trying make a parrel to it with urban ware.

If anyone could help me out here, what I'm trying to achieve here is something thats classic but able to mix with urban clothing so I can still blend into my new school enviroment but also stands out. I also go clubbing so I like something that can be good for both day and night. So far I been modeling the models in Urban Behavior as the patterns and colours mix well.

Any suggestions for accesories, shoes, clothing would be extremely helpful to me.

PS: I like a pernament wardorbe so I don't have to spend tons of money to go with the colours and trends for the season.
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You will learn here:
--How to recognize a quality garment. Good brands, bad brands, etc.
--Style "rules"
--Opinions of a bunch of random people you don't know on what/who looks good wearing whatever.
--Anything else I've learned here is basically an extension of the above.

Decide what YOU like. You are not stylish if styleforum (or anyone else) tells you how to shop and dress. Watch movies, browse men's fashion mags, follow the streetwear/denim and this forum, people watch, go window shopping, etc.

--Model your wardrobe after those who's style you appreciate (assuming you can pull it off).
--I assume, at 15, you are still growing, so a expensive clothing that will last forever isn't necessarily the most important thing.

Remember: Stylish people don't follow short term trends. Stylish people don't stand out in a crowd (because of their clothes.)

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I think at 15 ur at the wrong place just my opinion
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Welcome. You are in the right place to learn how to devleop your own style.
Start with some nice sweaters, wool pants, brown shoes. For jeans do loafers and/or chelsea boots. Get a to the knee overcoat.
Otherwise, dress like you peers and forget about the forums.
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