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OK, I need a new wallet. I sold my Red Moon HR-01A (is that right?) a couple weeks after getting it. The leather was seriously amazing, however I wasn't infatuated with the style. If you're going to sit on something for, potentially, years, in my mind you should love it. I've been considering several different wallets.

Wild Swans: are they worth it? Also, do they have any stateside stockists? I'd like to handle to one in real life.

J. Fold: I like some of the styles but how well-made are they? I really want something of excellent quality and at the $60 price point I can't really see these being everlasting wallets.

Paul Smith: Love the pin-up wallet but I'm afraid the quality isn't what I'm looking for. Haven't handled one, so that's pretty much all the feedback I can give.

Needles (Nepenthes): Looked at a Needles wallet at Odin. It looked really cool but the distressing was a little much (think the NDC of small leather goods). Similar make-up as something Red Moon would put out, but I guess the distressing made it look a little edgier. Thought it was pretty neat (if a little overdone on the distressing), though I'd hate to hear the price.

And that's all I've really considered. Also looked at some Jack Spades and Billy Birks and they did absolutely nothing for me. If you have any different suggestions, I'm completely open to them. Also, looking for feedback on all the brands I mentioned. Thanks!
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I have a J Fold and a Paul Smith so I'll chime in on those....

J Fold....bought for $40 when they first came out, like 4+ years ago (?). I used it as my daily wallet for at least 2 or 3 years and it has held up really well with no signs of breakage. Would def recommend if you want something slim.

Paul Smith....I have one of the wallets with the photo image (60s Vespa GS) printed on the inside. The leather is real nice and I've used it for 1+ years as a daily wallet and overall it has held up well except for the corners which have some threading wrapping the corners which started to unravel after a couple months on a couple corners. It doesnt affect the integrity of the wallet but it's a bit of a visual annoyance seeing it not perfect.

Nowadays my daily wallet is a Mossimo from Target, similar to PS with a 70s muscle car printed on the inside, but the corner threads (wrapped just like PS) have held up damn well and show no signs of unraveling. And the brown leather has really aged well in the 10+ months I've been using it. Only $12. Fuck expensive wallets.
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wild swans: no stateside stockists that i know of. if you like the leather of the red moon, you'll like the leather of the wild swans. as you know they are expensive- and even more expensive considering middle man costs. i've got one though and i don't think it'll ever fall apart. their leather treatments are really nice too- the chocolate is an amazing color. rust from england makes some nice wallets too.. but $$$$$
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I'd go for the Wild Swans----------Red Moon's sleeker cousin.
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Check out a company called Hisaska. I found this line a a botque clothing store and have been in love with them. I currently have a chocolate brown wallet with red stiching and red leather band in the middle. I will try to get some pics later.
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rust bear claw wallet:
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Getting some good feedback on Wild Swans. Anyone have links to pics or official sites for Rust or Hisaska? I'm also interested in opinions on Needles (out of morbid curiosity; I'm a huge Nepenthes/Rough&Tumble/EG fan but this line strikes me as odd coming from a company known for its mastery of stylish practicality).
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which wild swans were you looking at anyway? needles did some collabs with n(n) a season or two back i think?
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Originally Posted by xcoldricex
rust bear claw wallet:


Read my mind. Do they have an official site? For some reason a company's presentation and manufacturing process is just as important to me as the pieces themselves.
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Originally Posted by xcoldricex
which wild swans were you looking at anyway?
needles did some collabs with n(n) a season or two back i think?

Most likely the Spanker.

And needles/n(n) strikes me as a totally off-the-wall collab.
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i remember seeing needles x n(n) button ups and maybe a jacket in japan. maybe it's a different needles? the logo was in a cursive script.. out of thread i think with a needle on the end or something. i'm not sure about an official site. i'd like to know too. i saw their stuff in japan, nice stuff but very very expensive.
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found a better pic
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aw fuck now look at what you've done. i want one now.
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translated summary on rust: RUSTISM Philosophy of RUST made in England RUST= -- rusting -- the proof of steadfast progress of years and time and praise are meant. The vintage medal, coin, and key which continued remaining though it rusted over dozens of years in Britain are actually used for the work of RUST, and are reproduced in the present age (RE=BORN). The work "PRIMITIVE" using the nail and toggle of an animal of silver differs in a concept again, and though chestnut ESHON (production of a thing) emitted in the present age rusts sure enough, it asks whether it is what continues remaining in the future. the man itself who attaches to a work and the body with progress of time -- although -- rusting, it is needed despite old age even if, and there is wish of continuing wanting to live.
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ah ha. found it. RUSTISM Philosophy of RUST made in England The philosophy behind Rust’s jewellery design is of great importance, as our work is virtually a physical representation of our way of thinking. We see our jewellery not as a display of wealth or status, but as a personal choice by the owner that gains it own character through wear. Each piece will gather a distinctive patina depending on who buys it and how it is worn. This will give every item its own intrinsic and personal value. This process is seen also by Rust as equivalent to the buyer’s own life. The various marks and wrinkles of age are a celebration of experience and should be cherished. The passage of time is also represented in Rust Jewellry by the use of old materials, present manufacture and future value, whilst the individual aspect begins with each connection having a separate identity and every piece (having been completely hand made and finished) being different. Stockists USA: \t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\tBarneys, New York \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tAtelier, New York \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tAlan Bilzerian, Boston \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tSteven Alan, New York \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tEsthete, New York \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tBy George, Texas
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