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So THAT'S why I order from Jantzen

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E-mailed Ricky today to see what the latest was on my six shirt order. He wrote back right away to say he'd shipped them on the 27th. All very exciting. Led me to believe I'd get them on Tuesday or so. It's been a while since I placed the order, so I've been getting ansty.

Well, a Speed Post envelope hit my desk this morning with all six shirts. Very nice fabrics, best fit I've had in all my orders. Total cost: $270. Unbelievable. Six excellent shirts for less than one high-end RTW at retail price. Yes, there are difficulties in ordering, but I'm astonished, and reminded once again why I love Jantzen.

I ordered a plain white shirt and the following:

Checkers 533

Jantzen 1280

Jantzen 1141

Jantzen 1038


Now what do I order next?
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Try a linen.
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Just curious, when did you place your order? I am still waiting for my first test shirt, but I have been contacted by Ricky because my fabric choice ran out. I also noticed that my card was charged recently so should I expect the order to arrive soon? I placed at the end of July if I remember correctly (its been a while).

1141 looks really nice! I think that will be my next choice if my test shirt comes through right.
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March 28th. Revised order placed in July when a kind forum member asked after them in store. Ricky acknowledged order on 7/28. Arrival on 8/29.

1141 is nice, very light and thin. There are three other similar checks and four similar stripes.

I'd try the linen, but linen season is nearly over. Also, I've got five pairs of linen trousers and I don't like the double (or triple) linen ala Vaclav's triple tweed.
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Nice picks. I have a 3 shirt order with them now, and Ricky's been real good about emailing confirmation of changes, and receipt of order so I feel good in knowing I didnt slip thru the cracks.
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good to see that you got them
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Always glad to hear another success story from Jantzen .
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I like the shadow stripe.
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Nice fabrics! You should think about posting pictures of the completed shirts in the StyleForum Wiki on the Jantzen page. See sticky thread.
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Can't beat jantzen with a stickm, can you?
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I don't care for the other fabric choices, but 0092 is cool. Definitely post some completed shirt pictures.
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I have to sing even more praise about Jantzen, as I just placed my last order of 7 shirts on August 8, and received them yesterday. Of the 4 orders I have placed, this was the fastest by acouple of weeks.

Absolutely fantastic quality and fit. Just wish there was an easier way to get a jantzen suit.....
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I've never ordered from Jantzen before but I think I might start. What is the consensus on fit for the shirts? The website has "form" and "tight" I believe; what should I choose?
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I wish everyone would stop singing the praises of Jantzen!!!

How is Ricky ever going to get caught up if you keep convincing new customers to use him?

Stop already!!!!

I need some more shirts, and you're not helping the waiting line get any shorter.
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Did you order through the site or email? The site seems a little complicated to least for me. I've never ordered from him before and looking to get maybe 4-5 shirts coming up here soon.
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