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C&J Handgrades Resoling

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I am a shoe addict and new to this forum. Of course I am very glad to see there is a place for people like me.

I had a quick question. Does anyone have experience with C&J resoling or just resoling for that matter.

I have a pair of Bruno Maglis (I am sure this is not something some of you heavy weights wear) and need them resoled. However, I called the BM distribution center and they referred me to "Shoe Repair Plus" in NYC. As I read on one of the threads, this place is not really up to par for men's shoes. Does anyone know if it is possible to have the same soles as the stock shoes on these?

For the C&Js I understand that the shoes are sent to Northhampton and resoled on original lasts. The soles used are the same as on the stock shoes. Any comments on workmanship, cost, etc would be appreciated.

I hope to enjoy reading and participating in these forums.
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Funny you mention this as I was thinking along these lines the other day. Given what I've paid for the C&J's that I have (<$300) or for that matter all the shoes that I have, and given what the resoling cost if done by the manufacturer, I've convinced myself to simply buy a new pair when the time comes rather than have some shop do a mediocre job. As for the Magli's, I'd take them somewhere respectable where they have those Redenbach soles, assuming that you feel the Magli's are worth it as the Redenbach's will run you over $100. I'd say that unless the replacement cost is greater than $500, it doesn't make too much sense to get your shoes resoled by C&J as that will run you close over $200, last I heard, and you can get new C&J's for $400 or so from plal, and less from ebay when they show up.
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Thanks Ed,

reading the posts over the past 2 weeks, I should have known you would be among the people replying!

As for the Maglis, I really love the shoes and they are not in stock anymore. Your point is well taken though - if someone does a mediocre job resoling them, I may not wear (or like) them anymore. My solution was to have a thin rubber sole attached to prevent wear on the sole.

As for the Handgrades, as long as they still make the same style I would be fine with replacement rather than resoling. My issue is about not being able to find the same style.

In general though, I find that for any given brand, I like only a few shoes. If I have to go by the "value-aesthetics continuum" discussion thread on this forum, I would say I am first more inclined to aesthetics, then by fit, followed by price. That is not to say I will buy at any price, but I think I can shell out $200 - $450 on a good pair.

I am thinking of going for the Handgrades (Clifford black & Weymouth brown); tried them for fit at the Turnbull and Asser store in NYC and they feel great (retailing for $650) - I will probably order from plal. For now, these will probably represent my best shoes.

Will post pictures when I have a chance.
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Originally Posted by Leaveitothexperts
Thanks Ed,

reading the posts over the past 2 weeks, I should have known you would be among the people replying!

Not sure if this is a compliment

The other solution is that when you find shoes you like and fit well, buy three pairs at a time.
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Yes its a compliment.

I am guessing you didn't really mean "buy 3 pairs at a time" . . .

Question: how old is the oldest shoe you have and like? What make/style is it?
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Yet another solution is half-sole replacements by a good cobbler:
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I had my C&J handgrades resoled by shoe rpair plus, on the recommendation of the Barney's folks. You can specify Rendenbach soles, which is a great plus. The result is certainly functional, but not be up to C&J's own refurbishment services standards (e.g., they will not channel the soles). Also, for some misterious reason, the toe box (337 last) somehow became more flattened after resoling (when compared to identical brand new shoes) - I can't really figure out why. When I last checked with C&J, factory refurbishment was about 90 BP plus about 30 BP for shipments, which is a hefty sum. I think the gentelman in the London C&J store said they have an outside cobbbler just for resoling (as opposed to full refurbishment) which will cost less.
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Why don't you call Sky Valet in Washington and see if they'll do it? I'm sure they could do it right if they're willing. I haven't been there in a few years, but they used to do all kinds of repairs and modifications, and they even had some nice looking (black only) shoes on display that they made.
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