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Alden Indy Boots or Red Wing Beckamn Moc Toe?

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So I need help deciding on a pair of boots. I'm looking for a lace up brown "work" boot style. Right now I am looking at the Alden 405's and the Red Wing Beckman Moc Toe, but I can't decide what will be more versatile. I found the Alden's online for $319 shipped and the Red Wing's will look to be just under $300. I'm on a pretty strict budget and shouldn't be buying either but I'm going to.

My concern is the Red Wing's look very chunky while the Indy's look a little less and more refined. Neither will be used for work. I'm a 28yr college student (no job) so I want to make the best decision and feel happy about it.

I wear a lot of sport coats and dark jeans and dark chino's, patterened shirts, cardigans and knit ties. J. Crew style if this helps.

Any suggestions or experience with either would be much appreciated. Thanks
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How many posts do I need to have before I can make asshole comments to people that post questions where there are probably 5 multi-page threads about the very same topic? Because seriously, I'm dying over here wishing that I could do it. I know that I've probably posted my fair share of these questions myself that seem stupid, but I've probably only made one new thread on here, everything else has been my own B&S thread or replies to the stickied threads. Seriously, before I even think of posting in one of the stickied threads, I use the forum search (I know it's a little shitty), the "search this forum" option. and THEN I'll do a google search for my question and just add "styleforum" to see if that will pick anything up.
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Cool man, thanks for wasting your own time writing that lengthy response. Looks like you need 189 posts!
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sounds like the aldens might fit in with your style a bit better
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Just out of curiosity, where did you find Indy's for $319? I'm in the market for some as well. Based on what you've written, I think that's probably the way for you to go.
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This thread sucks. Stop filling up the main page with personal questions that are irrelevant to almost everyone but you, it's selfish.
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