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Here is a more in-depth review of my Proper Suit jacket.
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If anyone is near the Bay ARea come and join us on Sept 12 for a Styleforum Meetup hosted by Proper Suit. In addition to meeting Styleforum members and their friends you will have a chance to see Proper Suit clothing and their fabrics. Max along with with one of the owners will be there to answer any questions.

For more details go to the SF Meetup thread.
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Here are some of the new jacket fabrics offered by Proper Suit as shown last night in San Francisco at the Meetup.

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I had my father and my best man use Proper Suit for their tuxedos. General opinion is the results are good. Great? No way. No alteration needed? No way. But do I think it was a very solid choice, especially at that price point? Yes, absolutely. And I would recommend again.
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My experience with ProperSuit. Everyone's experience may be different and were mainly logistics issues. But I do have some experience and have tried several MTM Suit places. MyTailor, Andrew Lock and now Proper Suit. Richard Lim for bespoke. And another unknown bespoke tailor.

1. Measurements. Only a few measurements were taken. Basically you try on a template, and they adjust it to fit your body shape better by taking an inch here, few cm there, etc. PocketSquareGuy wrote more on the measurements, but I did not have the same experience he described.

2. No follow up until morning of appointment, which was a calendar invite asking if attending or not. No phone number or hotel room # provided. If I put a deposit I am going to show up. At the hotel, only form of communication to ProperSuit was gmail. Even front desk could not help and find the ProperSuit agent. The location was a Sunset Blvd. Hotel, not a great location and crappy parking.

Another person had an appointment and chased me down, luckily guessing I was a client. I had to help him out to get to his appointment.

3. I believe you have an hour for consultation or until next appointment shows up. I am quite familiar with cloth, but had a hard time choosing the right cloth because everything I chose was expensive (must have expensive tastes). Lot of the fabrics were Fall/Winter, so they were too heavy for Los Angeles. Finally had ProperSuit sort by price to make it easier.

4. You are told to bring well fitting dress shoes and shirt.I brought a bespoke shirt and G&G Gable shoes. The length of the pants can depend greatly on the shoes you are wearing. Since I was getting a suit, I would have liked to put my G&G shoes on. I was wearing loafers at the time and were used to measure the length.

5. Fabric choices were there, but felt a bit rushed in deciding. Could have just been me and my indecisiveness.

6. Check the website and the Propersuit Design Book to familiarize yourself with the Suit options. Pricing is available on their website and there are up charges, i.e. I chose Bemberg lining, but was not informed there was an up charges, its $50.

I would take a print out of the Design Book and highlight the items you want, or at least have it as a reference.
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Originally Posted by bsarosi View Post

Anyone purchased a suit from this site? I know they're fused according to the website, so I'm sure they're below the Style Forum minimum quality level (!!) but I figured I check the forum.

I noticed the measurements they require are different than MTM. I have no idea what quality the materials are. The suits are constructed mostly with machines, although they can do some customized detailing.

I figured with so many folks looking for MTM an/or fitted suits at lower prices, this may be an option. Anyone tried it?

Bought a suit and blazer from them this year and they're fine, pockets are too shallow to be useful and probably should have gone up in fabric quality. That said, I want to buy a couple more blazers, but they are incredibly unresponsive. They keep pointing you back to the website, but now that I am an existing customer, I don't want or need to go to their pop up fittings when they come to my town. They also changed their website and I can't log into the existing customer section to shop, so I'm dependent on trying to get my salesman to return emails, which is futile so far. Frustrating.

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After having my Proper Suit a little over a year and a half now, here are my thoughts:


Other than the shoulders being too narrow, the silhouette looks pretty good. The base fabric they use sucks though. It's hard to explain or capture in pictures, but the fabric has a bunch of loose strands coming off it. I have about a dozen suits and blazers and none of them do this, and it's not like I wear this thing all the time.



Echoing the user above, they have absolutely horrible customer service. After my experience with their other company Hall & Madden I will never recommend or do business with these guys again. I'm currently out $150 with no shirts or even an apology to show for it. If you browse their Ask Me Anything on Reddit my experience is far from unique, but essentially people were billed for shirts that either never came or fit horribly. When people complained they were insulted or ignored.


I also found the in person fitting with McGregor to be very odd, like he was really strung out on caffeine or something. Dude makes me genuinely uncomfortable.

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Thomaspaine I just received my suit. I havent worn it, but the shoulders are tighter than any of my other sportcoats and suits. I opted for a natural shoulder. I will check too see if there are similar strands coming off, but I did choose a reputable mill, so hopefully no issues.
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Typically, I don't wear suits.  However, recently, I needed to and realized that among the 4 in my closet, including a Zegna, an Armani and an Isaia, I don't have one that fits me anywhere near correctly or flatteringly.  I had always relied on what I wishfully believed was the the expertise and integrity of the sales and tailoring staff at the high end department stores where I bought most of these suits at their seasonal or year end sales, the most recent acquisition from Neiman Marcus.  That was obviously a huge mistake as the suit sizes I own range from 38 to 40R, one, post-alteration, with a shoulder line looking like a flexed bow waiting for an arrow.  Recently finding out that I am truly between a 37 and a 38S with one shoulder about an inch lower than the other, I decided that I may do better with MTM given the much larger selection of available fabrics and the likelihood of a product that more closely approximates my body habitus without having to go through severe tailoring that has thus far yielded suboptimal results.  Initially, I considered Kent Wang but was a little uncomfortable with the fit determination process (try on one of their stock jackets in one's size, take pictures and send them to Kent and have him determine the adjustments from the pictures, and if they're off, go to a tailor as one is on their own at that point) as well as the fact that most of the legs of the trousers worn in the pictures in the Kent Wang threads looked a little funky, with billowing/waviness that concerned me.  I considered Samuelsohn but ultimately selected Propersuit based on their lower price point and the fact that they use the same mills and some of the same factories as Kent Wang whose suit quality appears to very good.  Here is a summary of my experiences so far:


Communication has been a little difficult.  I had some basic questions I needed answered before I would place my deposit and I called the contact number on the website.  It took a few days to connect with MacGregor, but when I did, he adequately allayed my concerns.  I scheduled an appointment for a fitting in DC and emailed the contact person that I also wanted to try on a couple of Hall and Madden shirts which she replied would be brought to the fitting so that I could see if I liked their fit on me and to determine which one fit me better.  I received an email from Propersuit the day before the fitting with the location and the contact info for the fitter, who was Richard Hall.  


After a large lunch to ensure that the suit fit would allow me to gorge myself, I arrived at the hotel about 10 minutes early.  Richard came down promptly at the specified time.  I was his first appointment of the day.  As pointed out elsewhere on this thread, the fitting process consists of wearing one's dress shoes and a dress shirt and trying on a stock suit in one's size with various measurements taken for alteration off of the standard.  Richard appeared very thorough in his measuring.  However, he didn't have the Hall and Madden shirts or a clear or satisfactory explanation why.  


Selecting a fabric from swatches for me is a near impossible feat as I have absolutely no ability to visualize how the finished suit will look on me.  Hence, I ultimately deferred to Richard's judgement, as he seemed very knowledgeable and he was dressed a hell of a lot better than I was.  He selected a standard medium gray twill.  He dissuaded me from the base fabrics which appear to be available primarily to allow for a low starting price point.  I ultimately selected an Ariston fabric, which at $1100, comes with a Bemberg lining.  The difference in quality between the Ariston fabrics and the one tier lower fabrics was subtle but discernible.  After all of the suit's variables were defined, I asked him to email me a copy of the order summary.  The one sticking point is that 4 days later, after an email reminder, I have not gotten neither the summary nor a reply to the email.


Hopefully, the suit will arrive in about 4 weeks.  I shall provide an update at that time.

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Great thread! 


How did it turn out @Casualguy ?

Did you get any more done by Propersuit, @GusW ?


I am also thinking about Propersuit or going with Spoon Tailor.

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Originally Posted by MyFirstOne View Post

Great thread! 

How did it turn out @Casualguy
Did you get any more done by Propersuit, @GusW

I am also thinking about Propersuit or going with Spoon Tailor.

My comments on my impression of Spoon Tailor about a month ago:

I drropped in to Spoon Tailors earlier this year. I asked if they did tweed sport coats. They
said no. Nuff said?
Also, I saw someone being fitted with a mostly completed garment. I am no expert, but to me who wears high-end RTW, it looked like some thing from Nordstroms. Or Asian bespoke that looks suspiciously like middle priced RTW here.
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Thanks, @comrade 

I also saw Spoon the other day and had a longer conversation and looked at some of their current work, some finished, others where the canvas was still visible and to be fitted. I am new to this realm so I would not be able to tell what you share here, but to my uninformed eyes it looked good. I was impressed by the Yelp reviews, but have seen some negative or tentative reviews here.

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