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Best action movies

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So I am watching Lethal Weapon (I) on HBO at the moment, up to the part where the Chinese guy is torturing Mel Gibson. In retrospect they should have cast a Jew. Anyhow, recent controversies aside, I have to say that I think this is one of the greatest action movies of all time. I would nominate the first two Die Hards on my list as well. I thought the second Terminator was fantastic. If you consider True Romance an action movie, then I thought it rocked. What about others? Greatest action movies wanted. edit: throw in Gladiator
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Sha Po Lang

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The Dirty Dozen. FANTASTIC, WWII action film, based on true story. Suicide mission. Diversionary tactic, to occupy as many German high command as possible, before D-Day invasion takes place.

WHERE EAGLES DARE. A little bit funky, but great action movie . . . hugely entertaining. Clint Eastwood, and Richard Burton, star. Some good looking women, too.

APOCALYPSE NOW. Eccentric, but spellbinding. Footage includes one of the best shot battle scenes, in cinematic history.

I would have to include, SPARTACUS. GREAT, GREAT, Kubrick epic. The shots of the Roman legion assembling in geometric precision, to fight Spartacus and his followers . . . is unforgettable.

Many others.
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Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Jaws. I guess I'd qualify this as action, rather than horror. Great movie, nonetheless.

The Road Warrior.

Hard Boiled. Completely nonsensical plot, but great action sequences.

Silverado. I just really like it - before Kevin Costner became Kevin Costner.

The Untouchables.

I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but it's a start.
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Aliens needs to be on this list.
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Originally Posted by WN2
Aliens needs to be on this list.

Absolutely! Good one.
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the standard for all action movies should be the first Die Hard.

must see Oldboy, must see Oldboy, must see Oldboy.

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I think I saw Die Hard. Or, maybe it was BRAVEHEART.
I'll tell you which OTHER one, was GREAT. THE MONGOLS. Oh!! Oh!! I mean, that one, was UNBELIEVABLE. Jack Palance, played this merciless character named, Ogati, son of Genghis Khan. Forgive the spelling, if it's incorrect. He stars, opposite, ANITA EKBERG!! All of you remember her, I'm sure!! She was in La Dolce Vita, opposite Marcello Mastroianni! A totally, hot actress of the time!

The sex and violence, in THE MONGOLS, was strong, in its day.
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In addition to those already listed:

Boondock Saints
Leon (the professional)

Of course it depends on what your mean by action: You could include war movies, westerns, kung fu movies.
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A Better Tomorrow for great gunplay, Sin City for great film noir-ish gore, Kill Bill for great Caucasion swordplay.
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Die Hard, Predator, True Lies,
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I'm not sure I would consider Kill Bill great "caucasion" sword play, considering most of it was more samurai flick derived. My all time favorite movie for it's sword work is the japanese film "Sword of Doom". The guy in that is just bad a$$.

I've heard from a number of fencers that the best movie for more western style sword fighting is the princess bride, although I rather like the sword fight at the end of Rob Roy.
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Commando (this could also go in the "funniest movies of all time" thread). Infinitely watchable, even if some of the bad guys are made of cardboard.
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Any movie directed by John Woo, even his American stuff (e.g., Mission: Impossible 2, Face/Off, Hard Target, Broken Arrow)
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