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Hello there,

does anyone know if the british shirtmakers Harvie&Hudson use fused or none-fused-collars in their rtw line?
i just can´t figure out from their website...

thank you
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Unless they have changed in the last year (I doubt it)- non fused.
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hello nonk, thank you for your answer.
meanwhile i heard in LL that their rtw shirts use fused collars and their mtm shirts use non-fused collars. wich one where you refering to? what is your overall impression of the shirts?
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No bespoke or MTM shirts for me, a poor student.

I was referring to their RTW shirts of which I have 5 or 6.

I am very happy with them.

I like the quality of the cloth, very smooth, easy to wash and stupidly easy to iron. The collars are non fused, and the cuffs are extremely stiff which I like. They have a split yoke and shell buttons, with double needle stitching and are made in the UK.

I personally think they are excellent value on sale, at around £30 each, and far better than the nearby offerings from Tyrwhitt and Lewins.(I seem to be lone voice on this!)

They remind me of my Clarke & Dawe shirts which are my favourites.

They also come in 3 sleeve lengths.

I would encourage all members who are after a shirt at this price point to try them.

My only criticism (taking into account the price, please no unrealistic comparisons with much more expensive brands) is that I would personally like the tails a bit longer.
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