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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
Anybody see last night's ep? SHIT GOT REAL!

I swear this is the best show on TV right now.

Originally Posted by Teacher View Post
I most certainly did. Damn, I absolutely cannot wait for next Wednesday!

Ugh, I hate being a week behind on Hulu.
The episode that I just saw (last week's episode) was really great.

Every time I watch this show, I end up listening to the theme song on YouTube a few times after I finish the episode.
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WOW. What a great way to cap the season. I enjoyed the ambiguous ending at the end as well. Plus, they've got the main villain set up for season 2. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Did Gufstason get made chief?
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interesting article about the possible reason why the show hasn't caught on.
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Great show and the way they tied in all the mayor and minor player's from the season in the final episode and still had time for the hank/britt bantering showed all of terriers strengths.
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Damn that sucks the big one.
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I can take the loss of Rubicon, but this one hits hard.
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Mother Fucker I actually liked this show as opposed to the shit that I normally watch just to pass the time. Fuck
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They better release a DVD with a drunken Logue bitching about the FX promo people in the commentaries.
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Bump. This is on netflix streaming. I just rewatched the first season. It's still awesome. That is all.
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this show is great, thanks for the recommendation.
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