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Uniqlo more than just jeans

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I think its other products are worth mentioning as well, what do you guys think? The price is in Yen. And 1 USD ia bout 100 Yen. SO you can divide the price by 100 to get an idea of the cost.





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$40 peacoat that actually looks good? sign me up.
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Wow, that peacoat does lookpretty damn slick.
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They're opening a much larger store in Soho this fall. The orig store and the placeholder store over the summer (they were between leases) were small and only stocked basics. I hope more of the fun stuff comes to NYC soon.
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How would I go about buying one?
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Originally Posted by Sator Sartoris
How would I go about buying one?

Would probably need to use celga (www.celga.com), bid-service (www.bid-service.jp), or a similar service. Unless these items show up in the US stores anytime soon.
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Uniqlo is all over the map in terms of quality. I have a couple pairs of Uniqlo jeans that are pretty decent, a couple of Uniqlo shirts that are absolute crap, and another Uniqlo shirt that is, again, pretty decent.

I think of them as kind of being comparable to Target in terms of quality and price, and probably disdain by clothing snobs, at least in Japan.
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Target? Not even say... Gap? Maybe I'll pass :P
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Originally Posted by PG2G
Target? Not even say... Gap? Maybe I'll pass :P
If the coat is half as good as the jeans, it's a great deal. I wouldn't wear it, but I kind of like it.
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Is it a general rule for Japanese companies to use American/Brit models?
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I popped into Uniqlo on Regent street in London this past weekend looking for a new pair of their straight leg one washes. Looks like their fit has changed since the last pair I picked up. Dont think I like it. They did have a new slim cut which looked appealing, but only had it in a black.

But while leaving, I noticed that they had some polos for only 6.99 (Pounds) 2 different fits. Tired them for the hell of it and found one that is great!!! Slim, just below belt level, fairly short sleeves, etc... Picked up a few for layering, slackin, etc... Wearing one now. Quite like it

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I went to the Broadway store yesterday and bought a dark grey Henley ($15) which fits me perfectly, so I'm going back today to buy a couple others in different colors. I also bought 4 pairs of socks for $10, they had a lot, all different colors. And a bridle leather wallet which I really like, I think that was about $15 too. I was surprised the clothes seem pretty nice, I can't wait till they move into a bigger place and get more stuff, very cramped in there right now.
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Uniqlo makes great socks.
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Originally Posted by gusgusterson
Uniqlo makes great socks.

AMEN! UNIQLO socks are one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. 30 colors or something, £1.99 a pair. I went in last week and bought eight pairs of the pretty colored ones.
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While living in Tokyo, I bought some Uniqlo undershirts and they're great, as well. Soft, thick (relative to most other undershirts) fabric and pretty good construction, too.
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