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6 slots have been paid for. 6 remain. If you played last year, you should have received an invite to join. Please send over payment before you sign up
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Why can't DirecTV get TWC sports ffffuuuu.gif
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

btw, don't understand why Mike Brown wants to install the Princeton offense.
he has the second best pick and roll PG of all time, perhaps the most unstoppable roll guy in Dwight Howard (Griffin might be better), a PF that can roll or pop to about 18 feet, and the deadliest perimeter player of our generation. he's trying to do the equivalent of racing a NASCAR car on an F1 circuit

He'll be gone by the end of the year.
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this cracked me up. honestly, though: Smush Parker, Brian Cook, Chris Mihm, Kwame Brown and they still somehow went to the playoffs? i did always like mihm, though. shame he got hurt.
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NBA Finals: Heat go back to back

Over the Spurs

Lakers upset in the first round. Too busy making movie deals and hanging around Kardashians.
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Heat win easy this year. LeBron is dialed in and Bosh seems like he has his old attitude back. He just needs to grow his hair out again. I wonder about Wade but they seem to have more depth this year to counteract his inevitable injuries.

Lakers should take the West. Maybe I'm buying too much into the hype but come on Dwight Howard led the Magic to the Finals and now he has Nash (don't worry about his age, he's limber) and Kobe.

My team, the Sixers, will make the ECF. That's a total homer pick but assuming Bynum is healthy (Big if), we'll have the best center in the east and a very dynamic backcourt. Thad young is a sneaky player, too. Heat dismantle us in 5 though.
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Knicks in seven

wins for the season.
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(On the iPhone so had to scroll down)
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Did anyone notice the Lakers didn't have a win in the preseason?

Waiting for the dominance...

Will be hard to be a hater this year. Except on Kobe.

Howard and Nash are 2 of my favorite players.
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David Stern is stepping down as NBA commissioner in 2014.

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Yahoo NBA Power Ranking
Here's a look at how the league's 30 teams stand before the season starts on Tuesday:

1. Miami Heat (46-20 last season): Will the NBA see the Dwyane Wade of old or an old Dwyane Wade after his offseason knee surgery?

2. Oklahoma City Thunder (47-19 last season): Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the Thunder return hungrier after losing in the Finals, but will James Harden's uncertain future with the franchise become a distraction?

3. Los Angeles Lakers (41-25 last season): Dwight Howard's strong play in his preseason debut calmed any worries about his back, but the team's bench remains a concern.

4. Boston Celtics (39-27 last season): The Celtics certainly don't lack for depth after signing Leandro Barbosa, Jason Terry, Jeff Green and Darko Milicic in the offseason.

5. Los Angeles Clippers (40-26 last season): The Clippers have a deep veteran bench, but will they all be happy with limited playing time?

6. San Antonio Spurs (50-16 last season): With Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard – and Gregg Popovich – all back, the Spurs still have the respect of their Western Conference peers.

7. Denver Nuggets (38-28 last season): Adding All-Star Andre Iguodala and having Wilson Chandler back healthy should make the Nuggets a team to watch in the West.

8. Indiana Pacers (42-24 last season): With the Pacers restructuring their front office, will this be Danny Granger's last season in Indiana?

9. New York Knicks (36-30 last season): Will Carmelo Anthony make a full-time move to power forward with Amar'e Stoudemire injured?

10. Brooklyn Nets (22-44 last season): Is the Eastern Conference's best backcourt now in Brooklyn with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson?

11. Memphis Grizzlies (41-25 last season): The Grizzlies haven't found a replacement for the scoring they lost with the departure of O.J. Mayo to Dallas.

12. Philadelphia 76ers (35-31 last season): The Lakers are probably snickering about Andrew Bynum's latest knee injuries. Bynum could make the Sixers a contender in the East, but when will he play?

13. Chicago Bulls (50-16 last season): The Bulls proved they could win for stretches without Derrick Rose, but how will they fare with their All-Star point guard's return for this season uncertain?

14. Utah Jazz (36-30 last season): The Jazz have quietly put together a talented and deep roster with the additions of Mo Williams, Randy Foye and Marvin Williams.

15. Dallas Mavericks (36-30 last season): The Mavericks will have plenty of time to make up ground in the West once Dirk Nowitzki returns from knee surgery – provided he doesn't have any complications.

16. Atlanta Hawks (40-26 last season): The Hawks will soon appreciate what Joe Johnson meant to their franchise.

17. Milwaukee Bucks (31-35 last season): The Bucks have a high-scoring backcourt in Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, but will they be able to stop their opponents defensively?

18. Detroit Pistons (25-41 last season): Forward Greg Monroe and rookie center Andre Drummond give the Pistons a talented, young tandem inside – and maybe make them a surprise playoff contender in the East.

19. Phoenix Suns (33-33 last season): While Steve Nash and Grant Hill are gone, the additions of Goran Dragic, Luis Scola, Michael Beasley and Wes Johnson will keep the Suns competitive.

20. Portland Trail Blazers (28-38 last season): Point guard Damian Lillard already looks like he could be the NBA's top rookie this season.

21. Sacramento Kings (22-44 last season): DeMarcus Cousins has the talent to become an All-Star center this season. Can he also lift the Kings into the playoffs?

22. Golden State Warriors (23-43 last season): The Warriors have the talent and depth to make a run at the playoffs, but the success of their season is resting on the fragile ankles of Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves (26-40 last season): The T'wolves will likely have to dig themselves out of a hole after beginning the season without Kevin Love or Ricky Rubio to start season.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers (21-45 last season): Kyrie Irving looks poised to become one of the NBA's elite players this season, but will Dion Waiters live up to being the fourth overall pick?

25. Toronto Raptors (23-43 last season): The Raptors have high expectations for rookie center Jonas Valanciunas, but will Andrea Bargnani finally step up?

26. Houston Rockets (34-32 last season): Jeremy Lin is facing a lot of pressure to live up to the hype of last season – and his big contract.

27. New Orleans Hornets (21-45 last season): Eric Gordon is expected to be available for the start of the season, but how will Hornets fans react to him after he said he'd rather play for the Suns?

28. Orlando Magic (37-29 last season): The Magic face a long rebuilding season after trading Dwight Howard. So much so that first-year coach Jacque Vaughn is now the face of the franchise.

29. Washington Wizards (20-46 last season): The Wizards have already been hit with several injuries, including point guard John Wall (knee) and oft-injured forward Nene (foot).

30. Charlotte Bobcats (7-59 last season): The Bobcats have nowhere to go but up after finishing last season with the worst losing percentage in NBA history.

The Knicks is ranked way to high. 9th, really? With Amares uncertain injury and Fat-Felton & Old Kidd in the PG position?
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Knicks too high jazz too low.
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caught a little of the laker/clipper game last night (thanks prime ticket!) and the clippers are awesome deep. they remind me of some of those old portland teams with 1 or 2 stars and then a ton of really athletic, really talented character actors. hard to say anything about the lakers. disjointed, sloppy, no kobe, no dwight, no passion. but it's pre-season. one big surprise was the svelte ron-ron. dude looks about 5 years younger.
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Any good iPhone app for the NBA?
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Any good iPhone app for the NBA?
i've got nba game time. it's pretty good. current scores and boxes (including games in progress). i don't know if it has any fantasy league applications because i'm a reality-based life form. at least when i'm not on the internet.
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