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I'd kind of like to hear all the trade offers that get made and rejected, but not reported. I bet there must be some bullshit offers that get put on the table Furthermore, is there a GM that his peers hate for perpetually calling around and making bullshit offers? My money's on Cuban And on the other hand, when Isaiah and Chris Wallace were gm'ing, I bet the other gm's pulled a hamstring racing to pick up the phone every time they called with an offer
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You guys need to get a separate fantasy thread already. Also, WAY TO GO KNICKS! After a great game against Boston you completely shit the bed against Miami.
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^they'll get better. still relatively early

they need a closer other than amar'e because there will be times when he's off or getting shut down. that's where Melo comes in

Originally Posted by HRoi View Post
I'd kind of like to hear all the trade offers that get made and rejected, but not reported. I bet there must be some bullshit offers that get put on the table

in another league i offered someone Ben Wallace for Kevin Love immediately after his 30/30 game just for shits and giggles
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Big trades and the Magic getting a facelift and Hedo returns.

The Magic and Suns are reportedly on the verge of a trade that would sent Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat, Mickael Pietrus, and a 2011 first-round pick to Phoenix in exchange for Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Earl Clark.

The deal is "90 percent" likely to be completed and announced within 24 hours.

The Magic and Wizards are apparently close to agreeing on a one-for-one trade involving Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis.

This aligns with the rumors that have been boiling over for the past few days, and the contracts match up financially. Lewis could thrive at his natural position of SF in Washington, while his arrival would seriously hamper the already-shaky value of Al Thornton and Josh Howard. Arenas would be joining a stacked backcourt that includes Jameer Nelson and (potentially) Jason Richardson.
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That Arenas for Lewis trade is absolutely terrible and makes ZERO sense from any perspective. If this trade actually goes down I may never watch another Wizards game again.
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Looks like those deals are done. That is a pretty huge trade but damn, no bigs left for Orlando and goodbye defense.
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^True but I like this trade for the Magic. Rashard stunk it up this season and I never liked Vince as their closer. They got Hedo back which was their playmaker 2 years ago at the end of games. Not to mention two guys that can drain the long ball and score in bunches in Arenas and J-Rich. Does Jameer go to the bench though? Must suck for your confidence if you're Nelson.
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Arenas will probably be benched. They'll be shooting more 3's than ever now.

Problem is Howards foul trouble, who goes in once he goes out? Bass move to center and Hedo or Anderson to PF? Do they actually plan to play their rookie Orton, I don't think I've seen him hit the court yet.

Another problem, huge lack of defense, especially in the East. How are they going to handle Wade & Bron? Allen & Pierce? Deng & Rose? I think they'll get handled in the East.
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The only good defender they dealt was Pietrus, and even he wasn't that great (see: 2008 Finals). I'm not too concerned about back up center for them. Howard will play 40+ minutes every game one it's the playoffs. And if he gets into foul trouble, I think they'd go small with Bass at the center and Hedo at the 4. Howard has always been the cornerstone of their defense, and he hasn't gone anywhere. What they needed was offensive firepower, a closer and playmakers. It'll be interesting to see how they all play together a month or so from now.
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Not true. Defense-wise, Lewis > Hedo, Pietrus > JRich or Arenas. After losing Barnes last year, they really need that defender that will guard a star wingman, they don't have that anymore.

And have you seen what Hedo has done as a 4? Why do oyu think he sucked at Phoenix and got traded? They'll get owned by a skilled big once Howard gets in foul trouble. Bass is ok but he isn't like Noah or Varejao who can bother people and annoy them, he'll work hard but he just isn't the best option for a center. Plus Bass can't play 48 minutes a game and Howard will not play 40+ minutes a game for the rest of the season, especially being the only defender in that game.
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I said in the playoffs he'll play 40+. And they're shopping the FA market for a back up big, to answer ur question. And I dunno when Lewis was ever a lockdown defender, but see: 2008 Finals against Pau Gasol. I said they'd only play Hedo at the 4 in emergencies if Howard is in foul trouble. The bottom line is I think they're a better team overall now, and they'll win more games (down the road) because of it. A lot of people including myself didn't take them as serious contenders for the title this year, including their GM obviously lol. But I think they made the right moves. Of course it's all up to how they play in the playoffs. So it'll be interesting to see how it all works out
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I just read this - Rashard Lewis is the SECOND HIGHEST PAID PLAYER. How in the holy hell is that possible?
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haters gonna hate LOL
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
I just read this - Rashard Lewis is the SECOND HIGHEST PAID PLAYER. How in the holy hell is that possible?

hate the orlando magic that gave him that shitty contract.
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im glad orlando got hedo back. he did well for them in 2008 during the playoffs. better than vince. i m glad they got RID of rashard. they bettered their team this weekend. now they just got to make a move with a sacramento big.
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