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Originally Posted by overdog View Post

A significant reason that Lin is blowing up as much as he is, is of his race. The others are his basketball abilities and the fact that he is in NY, and to a lesser extent, that he went to Harvard. Yet you will notice some commentators make an effort to paint the underdog story strictly from the Harvard perspective, rather than from the Asian-American perspective, because of all the pressure to be politically correct. It's hard to avoid noticing race. It's part of reality.
Ron Artest says some wacky things, but he actually spoke truthfully and frankly in a recent interview, rather than sidestep the Asian-American issue:
Q: What do you think about all the attention he's getting on Twitter?
A: I think it’s good because it’s a first. It’s the first time. It’s just not normal to see an Asian-American in the NBA, and he’s the first. (Actually, he's the fourth. But who's counting.) And it’s great because Asian-Americans play a whole lot of basketball throughout America. You see it all the time. How many Asian-Americans do you see playing basketball in the street who actually want to play in the NBA? I’m assuming there’s a lot of them. And he did what it takes to play, and he’s a role model. Good in school, he’s a role model all the way around.

I don't quite understand how your reply relates to my comment, but thanks for contributing.

Ron speaks the truth. How ignorant do you have to be (as many, many NBA players of color are) to not notice shit-tons of Asians playing at pickup games and in high school. You can tell the completely ignorant (Shaq) from the people who have some comprehension of the modern world (Kenny Smith) from their reaction to this.
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Love the fact that World Peace says "Asian-American" rather then "Chinese" (all rook same). (0).
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he's not chinese. he's taiwanese american. (all rook same).

asian american works dude. he's like 2nd generation. he's practically american. half my high school friends grew up with him. the ones that went to chinese school with him talk about how their mandarin is better lol8[1].gif
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Who's the only NBA player who can stop Jeremy Lin? Carmelo Anthony. lol8[1].gif
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If this Lin kid continue to thrive, maybe forum member Man Of Lint would change his name to Man Of Lin smile.gif
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i posted that line about melo on fb a few days ago
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Originally Posted by pebblegrain View Post

This dude was the HS Player of the Year in the entire state of CA. How can he not get a D1 scholarship? You'd have to be the most ignorant crusty old white scout type of dude to be like "I have no idea if he can run fast but I will bet he can't before I ever have any objective evaluation of his speed. Besides, that Black kid whats his name has nice calves, I want him on my team"
Also, is it just me or is there a shit ton of weird race-coded commentary during the games? "Sneaky, clever," etc. The dude is 200 lb and looks as explosive, as fast, and as agile as any other 6-3 dude I have seen in the NBA (with the exception of a few like BD in his prime). They keep comparing his athleticism to Steve Nash, can steve nash dunk?

if his name was d'jeremy lin he would've been a first round pick
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The Asian delegation is going wild over Jeremy Lin.

I share the same last name with him, imagine how I feel. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I am getting more and more impressed. Steve Nash is a good comparison. plays really smart, deceptive quickness, agile and quick but not what I would call explosive. not super gifted physically, but gifted enough (and unpredictable) to always have the D off balance. Nash is a better shooter though.

I said earlier that Lin will be less productive once opponents start to pay attention and game plan him. well, the Lakers sold out to stop him and he ended up with a career-high. respect.
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Originally Posted by pebblegrain View Post

I don't quite understand how your reply relates to my comment, but thanks for contributing.

My point was that if commentators say things like "Lin is sneaky fast," there is a reason for that. It's hard to ignore the fact that Asian-Americans are typically shorter, slower, and can't jump as high as blacks or whites. It's just like how people say Wes Welker and Jordy Nelson are deceptively quick. When Tyson Chandler admitted publicly that he didn't know Lin could dunk, he was just speaking out of honesty. I applaud people's effort to remain politically correct and avoid saying things that may be interpreted as racially offensive, but you can't always ignore reality.
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

Who's the only NBA player who can stop Jeremy Lin? Carmelo Anthony. lol8[1].gif

I kind of agree. Once the ball gets sucked down in the Melo blackhole, Lins relevance will diminish greatly. He needs the ball in his hands to be effective, not just for himself, but for the team.

Also, Ron Artest knows his stuff about Asians because he hangs around with mostly Asian people. I think his girlfriend is Chinese and check out his vids on youtube, he's always with Filipinos.

But what's funny though, base on his play this year, if he gets into the ASG ballot next year, he'd be starting even if he under performs next year just because the whole country of China will vote for him, the same way Yao kept making the ASG even when he is hurt.
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Hopefully Melo is watching how the Knicks are playing right now. If he truly is an all-star player, he will adjust accordingly to keep his team winning. Otherwise, I will feel awful for Lin having to watch Melo heave shots and going 2 for 19.
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