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Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post
I've never seen a team make these epic comebacks so calmly and collected. (actually i only listened to this last comeback)

down 15 against the lakers/down 15 against OKC, down 15 against MIA... "meh.. ok yup we'll just go about our business"

in the NBA usually a big comeback is this huge furious run with a bunch of dunks/layups and threes by one or two guys on fire.

But dallas kinda just goes about their business and runs their offense and clamps down juuust a liiitttle more on defense and proceeds to comeback in a nonchalant manner.

Not turning the ball over every 10 seconds helped a lot too.
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From what I understand not playing defense makes you lose.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
From what I understand not playing defense makes you lose.

tell that to jason terry.
seriously, what a great game. i was pulling for the mavs, so i was about to turn off the tv when wade hit that 3 to put them up 15. then dallas came back (that high pick-and-roll did screw up miami's d ... plus i think, a bit of "we've got it won" lethargy). also, i think dallas finally picked up its own d ... did you notice miami was all of a sudden shooting 3s with the clock running down? then Dallas goes up by 3 ... they've got it! then terry completely goes to sleep on the biggest play of the game! OH NO! then miami decides to leave bosh on the island with nowitzki. not sure i would have made a different call, but he sure made a sweet move.
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Donnie Walsh has finally been fired. There may be hope for NY...(yea right)

On a side note, the guy needs to write a book on how to stay employed while being incompetent. He's got skills in that. Him and Isiah should collaborate.
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Originally Posted by Mark from Plano View Post
Dirk's never been a pussy and the only people who think so have no clue what they're talking about.

Most of his front teeth are implants from having them knocked out going inside. Every time it's happened he's just cleaned up the blood and gone back in the game. He did start wearing a mouth guard a few years ago.

Will be playing tonight with a torn tendon in the ring finger of his left hand.

Re: Dirk Being a Pussy...2006. Enough said

But I will give him props for playing hurt and playing well yesterday.

Originally Posted by foodguy View Post
you have to remember that's coming from stevie. he's been spoiled watching that bulked-up monster Timmy Duncan.

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Making the way for Isiah Thomas!
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i thought this was funny........
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Wondering why amidst all the celebs/players/former players you see at the finals, MJ is never present. Its like he wants nothing to do with the basketball world any longer.
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Well, Bosh picked a good time to re-grow his balls and actually shoot right after the catch. Another great game, this is going to be one of the better Finals in awhile.
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Ugly, but a win is a win.
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That's Dirk's shot, I wouldn't have had anyone else shoot it. I just wish he wouldn't have looked to pass on the previous possession.
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^ same. haslem did a good job, but dirk had a shot and i wouldnt have it any other way also the refereeing was in the total shithole today.
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I hope the Heat choke an a turd tonight. A big, nasty, turd that they all share back at the hotel.
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