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Hey who is dracers? Would you be willing to trade serge ibaka?
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Just offer him a trade and see if he'll take it and if we don't veto it.
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in response to Lebron's oft repeated question, "what should i do?" A: stop taking stupid jumpshots and drive to the basket!
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How about them Hornets?....
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Hawks are 6-0, how far can they go?
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Man, everyone were talking about how Miami was going to beat the 72-10 record by the Bulls, while they completely ignored the 2 times defending champs is a better team than the past 2 seasons and is now 6-0 (I hope I don't jinx it). I say they have a better chance of beating that record, although I still believe that record will never be beaten.

Odom is playing too well in the starting 5, when Bynum returns, I seriously hope Jackson leaves him on the bench now that Blake, Brown and Barnes could score well enough and defend add Bynums length and that is a good supporting cast right there. It could probably beat the Wolves or Pistons (w/ TMac and all) starting 5.

Hawks are doing great (6-0) and it's all because of Josh Smith. Dude is averaging like 5 blks a game.
Don't forget, NO is also 5-0, I guess CP3's whining should stop for now but we all know why they are doing so well.... Former Lakers and 2-time Champ MBENGAAA!!!!!

While Josh Smith challenging for DPOY, Rondo is planning to have the most assist in the season, dude is averaging 15 asts a game.

With the Heat losing, Lakers winning, Clippers almost winning, if Boston lost that close game, it would have been a great night.
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i agree with everything u just said. if everyone manages to stay healthy for the lakers, they have a shot at that record. but when it comes down to it, if they're #1 in the league they will rest key players down the stretch..they know it's not about breaking records. but i'd love to see it! i also own josh smith in a different league and he's on another level right now. he's picked up the scoring these past 2 games and those blocks are BEASTLY.
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I never thought the Heat could do 72-10 this year but 6 games in, I don't think they'll even get 65. They are just not cohesive yet. That's not a surprise, given the huge roster turnover, but it's going to take time and a few losses to figure it all out. Plus not having Mike Miller yet is a huge blow - he and Haslem were supposed to be the glue guys who did a bit of everything. A heat fan can only hope that they put it together in the playoffs. In games, it's truly frightening when they go on one of their runs, but a team that can keep their poise (veteran Celts, CP3-led Hornets) can withstand those runs and hang with/beat them at the end. Bosh in particular looks like he's on a steep learning curve. One thing that was really obvious in the NO game (and to some extent the Boston game) - you'd better have the stones to make the plays and knock down the shots at the end of games. These guys are already impossible to stop or keep away from the foul line....but that's hardly a surprise
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I feel bad for people who drafted Bosh this year. He had one rebound last night, and clearly doesn't have a defined role and will be very inconsistent. Also another league I'm in just allowed a trade for Steph Curry for Joe Johnson. Am I right in thinking that was robbery?
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watched a few clippers games so far and griffin is a damn beast. the way him and bledsoe play, along with eric gordon, the clips have a nice young nucleus. they play out of control, but that is obviously the byproduct of two being rookies and the other being 22. definitely gonna be a fun team to watch.

haven't seen john wall yet, but the wiz are playing the cavs tonight so i'll be watching that. in one way, lebron being gone means i am watching more games of other teams than i was before, which i am enjoying a lot. but it does kind of suck not watching my home team every night to see something great. i almost wish i had the nba package now so i can watch okc, lac, no, etc every night.
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Damn the Lakers are good and Pau is undoubtedly the best PF in the league right now. Triple double in 3 quarters on Sudnay to obliterate Portland. The Lakers usually have a hard time against the Blazers. Next challenge will be the Nuggets, I can see them going 10-0. And the Clippers, what a game against Utah. Sad that they lost after leading by 20 but damn did Gordon take over that game, including this dunk to tie the game and send it to overtime. In other NBA news/thoughts: Hawks lost 2 in a row so only New Orleans are left undefeated in the season. NO against the Clippers tonight, I think it's the Clips destiny to end their streak.
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i think NO takes it tonight. a gimpy eric gordon and a rookie guarding chris paul i'm going to the clips game against Detroit on friday, hopefully the clips end the losing streak then!
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Rookie guard Bledsoe > BDiddy right now so I say they have a better chance of winning than if BDiddy is playing.

I blame that lost to Gomes, dude hesitated on an open 3pt shot twice. I was yelling at the TV to put in Butler and what happens when Butler goes in the game? Hits two 3's in a row but by that time, it was almost too late. I know VDN likes Gomes defense but I think the Clips also need to play Butler more, he was their most consistent 3pt shooter last year, don't put that to waste.
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bledsoe is playing better than baron but chris paul will undoubtedly embarass him i agree about butler. i was fully expecting him to take the last shot for the win..instead they get craig smith to try to tie it? ROFL. that is why the clips suck
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Fuck, EGordon won't play tonight. Clips and my team are screwed, he is questionable for tomorrow night too. It'll be a long fantasy league for me this week, Gordon, Delfino and DWill have some sort of injury.
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