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Yea, his financial advisor supposedly got him to invest in frivolous businesses and charged 20% fees. Duncan sued him for $20 million.
In a recent ESPN interview, Duncan owns an Auto Body shop in SA that he seems heavily involved with.
To his credit though, Duncan was investing in businesses instead of feeding his entourage and hangers-on.
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Sorry Hroi, the replacement for D Wade is..... drum roll...... Torch Waiters! 2.9m for 1 season. I guess the league finally found a modicum of fair value, but I feel for you bro. I wouldn't want that guy within 100 miles of my team.
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Originally Posted by billsayers View Post

If anything, Duncan shopping at Old Navy is refreshing to see.
You get the feeling that he is not going to be one of those athletes that go broke a few years after retirement.


He is broke already which leaves him at Old Navy for his clothing.



I would actually go with some other replies on that girls twitter and suggest that Timmy was hunting for Pokemons in that shop.

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I see Tim as straight-up not giving a shit. Like Jim Harbaugh.
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Haha Draymond dick pic
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Haha Draymond dick pic

Not only ironic, but couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. JR Smith called to ask about the pipe. I predict he returns from Rio with AIDS.

On a more serious note, if I was an NBA player, no fucking way would I go there. That country is a major mess.
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Thank god for the women though!
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I'm sure I'm being culturally insensitive, but Bol Bol is a funny name. I hope Little Bol makes it to the NBA, because his name will lend itself to all sorts of really lame Berman-esque puns by announcers and highlight narrators.
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Here come dat Bol!
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Broken jump shot
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^ I got 20.  Half the time I was trying to figure out what the difference was between the two logos.

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15, god that was hard af
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16. Couldn't tell what the difference was for most of them.
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19, and that would've been a lot lower had I not thought about kerning about halfway through. Good quiz (for once).
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