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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

It's kind of crazy how Cleveland won it too. You know Lebron was going to do his thing - and he was clutch in this game just as he was clutch during his best Miami years - but Irving and Love came through in a huge way at the end too.

Love's stop on Curry is honestly the first time I can remember seeing him play good defense...and he was out in space against the shiftiest player in the league. And Irving's dagger three was the classic "oh no oh no WTF are you doing.....ahh yeaaah!!" play. If that didn't go in, he might not have been able to come back to Ohio.

There's also Tristan Thompson's perimeter defense in the later games. He really was the 2nd most valuable player in the series.
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Originally Posted by globobock View Post

Shoulda, woulda, I know - but the dubs are still the better team. Had they play to their abilities (as in making wide open shots) the Cavs would have been toast.
The Cavs won because the universe had mercy upon them. But their style of play is not sustainable.

I don't think you're giving the Cavs enough credit, they played big and was successful against the infamous line-up of death. They also managed to adjust and get their defense up with switches but they pretty much had Currys number, he was bad from the get go and that has to be accredited to the Cavs and their bully defense.

I mean the Cavs played without Kyrie and Love last year and the Dubs was helped by the "universe" too. I mean in hindsight, it can be said the Dubs did breezed through their title last year after seeing them choke. Clips eliminated the Spurs and Clips became the Clips and shot themselves on the foot then played against Lebron in practically a 5 vs 1 series (in which Lebron won 2).
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

At what point does the "that's a team argument" end and the "that's an individual argument" begin? I'm genuinely curious.

Easy. It ends when the discussion is no longer about the individual player.

(This is not a knock against you or anyone else, so that's my preface)

Sports fans tend to get caught up in narratives and it's so much easier to look at a team and go well this fits in with something much larger than an individual cog. A good analogy would be if, say, Toyota designed the world's best chassis that made their cars do whatever so much better than anything else. But they still had engines that can't compete with Benz or Bugatti or whatever. The chassis could be the greatest engineering feat ever but it would be hard to recognize that individual performance when compared against the totality of the Vaeron. This is a bit of a stretch but you see where I'm going with it...

Anyway, as AC said, it's very hard to pinpoint an individual's contribution to a team sport. MJ didn't have anyone else quite like him at the time so it was so easy to identify him and his contribution. There's more stars and a higher level of individual and team talent now, which further muddies the water for LeBron. At the end of the day, I think we're both splitting hairs here and talking about two guys who would be the best whenever they played. We just want to mentally masturbate each other a little more.
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Having watched MJ and LBJ in their prime, two things come to mind. First, of all the "greatest ever' contenders, they are the most similar to each other. Other possibilities, like, e.g., Magic or Wilt, are completely different players. That makes comparing them so interesting and tough. The other thing is that the differences are tiny and largely come down to personality. MJ was an aggressive killer, whose personality was as much a part of his game as his physicality. LBJ is less aggressive in style, but the difference is small. Only an incredibly aggressive and committed player could have made that block on Igouadala.
If I had to choose, I would choose Jordan because, that small difference matters. No matter where the game is, you believe LBJ can strap his team on back and carry them over the line. With MJ, you expect him to.
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Kyrie co-mvp.
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Sooo Lebron. Congrats, great job and you fulfilled your promise. Time to opt out and come back to the Heats? lol8[1].gif
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the dagger

if Lebron finished this jam, would have been the exclamation mark on the win

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^oh yes

Such a shame he didn't pull that off
And on draymond as well : would have been delightful
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when Lebron fell and didn't get back up from that attempt, I thought maybe Green gave him another nut shot for good measure lol8[1].gif
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Thunder would have beat the Cavs
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watch love get traded for a first rounder, then lebron and wade bolt for NYC to help melo finally get a chip.

with cleveland's history, it would not surprise me at all now.
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All dloadings fault.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

All dloadings fault.

Try again in English
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Did you say something Jeffrey?
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