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Kobe watching this game shaking his head.

Curry ice cold and carelessly threw the ball away why would you do that in a critical game. Lebron has not post moves lol but he has been busting his ass along with Kyrie.

Whoever the winner is they will have deserved it.
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Where the HELL is the Defense for GSW .. It's like they think every ball will go in
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What a block. This game is going down to the wire.
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Championship level effort from Lebron on the defensive end: close out on Barnes and the trail block on Iggy
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Congrats, Cavs. Well deserved.
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lol8[1].gif at being the key to the chip being Loves defense on Curry
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Kyrie absolutely outplayed Curry this series. Unbelievable comeback.
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Epic game. That dagger by Kyrie in Curry's face was just awesome. LeBron deserves this for sure.
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Holy shit! Cleveland did it! Amazing.

First to say it... Lebron did what he wanted to with the Cavs. Now he can build his buddy team. Bye!

Oh... shout out to Draymond and Ayesha... you're the best!

Now they can award a proper MVP. Lebron was a rock and a basketball god. Now that's how you win with dogshit.

Top 5 finals ever.

Lebron makes the argument now for best player ever.
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I ain't mad at Lebron he deserved it man, gs just not looking like themselves past 3 games

Kobe still better.
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Happy for Lebron

He deserved it and wanted it

Curry played laughably badly for a league MVP
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sick game, really great
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

The story will go that CLE will finally win their championship and Lebron vs GSW will be 1-1 in the back to back finals. Another blip in NBA history that we will hear about in 20 some years down the road.

CLE Aand LBJ did it!

^The last 6 minutes CLE really showed they wanted this
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MVP for Cavs: Anderson Varejão


*was so bad .. so very very bad.
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damn I know the feeling being a pats fan.....
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