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Ends tonight, me thinks
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26-9 CLE though
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Wtf is going on here.
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2nd quarter is going to be a tie. we gone come back in the 3rd quarter and finish strong in the 4th when bron bron and kyrie from tired of carrying the offense. I'm sorry RJ this is not the year. love's gonna have an amazing game, but not enough.
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We? Steve Kerr sign you to a 10-day contract? tongue.gif
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ah you haven't heard?
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Game 7 it is.
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Harrison Barnes and Kevin love are just absolute trash

I'm not sure which of them is worse

Not even worth the league min

Lebron still the best player in the Nba
Curry not even close
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Lmaooooo...best scene of the Finals. Curry nailing the court side fan with the mouthpiece
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Curry just fouled out.

He chucked that disgusting mouthpiece at a fan.

My life's complete.
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Suspended for game 7?

Assaulting a fan is pretty ba

Lmao now his wife calling it "rigged"
Please stop Wardell you are embarrassing yourself
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got to say though, the last two foul calls on Curry were BS, along with that last foul on Green but still... fan should have pocketed that mouthpiece and threw on ebay.

and according to NBA rules, Curry should be suspended for that, I believe Austin Rivers got suspended for throwing a seat cushion and hitting a fan earlier in the season and that was by accident

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Milkin dat revenue.
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