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Riley pulls something out of the hat again. Realistically, they have no chance against the West, but I'll be content with them playing spoiler against Cleveland

I'm most impressed with him stealing Dragic, convincing Joe Johnson to sign, and somehow finding Whiteside and Josh Richardson out of nowhere.
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They could beat the cavs. Justise and Josh were really great picks and I'm pretty surprised they dropped that low. I hope Hassan stays in Miami at the very least for his snapchat. They look they're having a lot of fun

Also moving hassan to the bench with justise and Josh and starting stat seemed like great moves by spo. Really like the youngster trio

Dragic kinda sucked until Joe came and now he seems in a good rhythm. Really fun team to watch but I hope hornets pull a game or two off
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Justise is already a great defender, and has really improved his offense this season despite still being really raw. I didn't mention him as a Great Riley move because grabbing him was a no brainer after he inexplicably fell. There was this crazy story about a team (Boston?) offering Charlotte two drafts' worth of picks when Winslow fell to the Hornets, but MJ really wanted to grab Frank Kaminsky. And then the Heat picked him next.

The roster still has a lot of uncertainty though. Wade is on the decline and is a FA. They have to re-sign Whiteside. No one knows what's going on with Bosh and if this thing is career and/or life threatening. Ideally the future will be built around Dragic, Winslow and Whiteside, but all the other pieces are important to keep together in the short term
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I feel like Justise is going to be better than Stanley. Stanley might top out as Lance Stephenson.
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Signing Whiteside is an Andrew Bynum type mistake. All of that guy's motivation will disappear once he gets his money. Albatrosssssss....
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You know him? Or just assuming
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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

You know him? Or just assuming

He maps to the pattern of contract busts.
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I don't know if Justise would ever be at Kawhi's level but that's like the uber-optimistic fanboi mapping of his trajectory. He doesn't have some of Kawhi's physical gifts, though.
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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

He maps to the pattern of contract busts.

I wonder if NBA teams have this map too
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Originally Posted by venividivicibj View Post

I wonder if NBA teams have this map too

Washington Wizards for sure.
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3. Hey, Rockets, give up and let the kids play. Here’s what we know: Houston has no chance of beating the Warriors, regardless of whether Steph Curry is playing. With the Rockets’ season essentially over, they might as well give extended minutes to Clint Capela and K.J. McDaniels, two of their youngest and most athletic players. At the very least, they can do what most of these lifeless Rockets won’t: switch screens and compete on both sides of the ball. A lot of Houston’s players don’t have futures with the team. Capela and McDaniels might. It’s time to see what they can do.

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Advanced metrics suck the life out of sports. Case in point, the recent Kobe discussion.
Wanna know why Kobe is a greater player than LeBron? Look no further than the dunk contest. Kobe wanted to win that bitch. And that meant risking losing. LeBron couldn't handle losing so he never tried.

There is no metric for heart, drive, will or desire.
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thanks to fantasy leagues every dude on the internet thinks he's billy fucking beane. 


and just like billy boy most of those guys never won anything. analytics have their place but sports is still a people business.

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Look whether you want to look at analytics or not they still exist not unlike the laws of physics. You don't have to understand how gravity works for it to have an impact on you.

Perfect example is that Pop just isn't that into analytics but it doesn't matter because he's a basketball genius who intuitively understands the game and he instinctively builds and runs his team in a way that analytics will favor. Other recent champions (Celtics, Heat, Warriors) all relied heavily on analytics to help build and run their teams. If you rely on analytics to the exclusion of everything else of course you won't reach the ultimate level of succes, but which team would you rather have - Houston, Lakers or Knicks? At least analytics can help establish a floor of competitiveness.

I don't really think fantasy sports bears any relation to analytics by the way, they are actually more in conflict than similar. Counting stats are great for fantasy but tell you little about how effective a player is without context. My good friend who is big in analytics (ESPN includes him in their expert panel voting) doesn't play fantasy sports nor do most of the guys he tells me about, although since many work in the league I guess that could be part of it.
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The Spurs use analytics. They just call it different things and are less overt about it, plus Pop is an old fox that doesn't want to give away secrets or diminish his old curmudgeon image.

Only someone with a deep intuitive understanding of these concepts would invent the 3-and-D player concept, or draft Kawhi Leonard. Who was the first to make the corner 3 an offensive staple before all these MIT guys got jobs in the league? I don't think I'm overstating it too much by saying that early NBA analytics strategies consisted mainly of "copy the Spurs"
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