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Make that one chance.



(and peep Manu's hair!)

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Spurs will go hard in that game at home, multiple angles on that one. Torn as to who to support, I want the 73 record to happen, but undefeated at home for a whole season is also pretty bonkers.


Manu's hair trajectory is on par with mine, hurts every time I see highlights from before the bald spot. 

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Spurs have built-in reasons to lose and win in their last game against GSW I think.

WIN = To go undefeated at home

LOSE = Kerr is a Pop disciple so don't think he would care at all of him breaking the record.

And Larry, the thing that makes Jordan uncool now isn't so much the 90s style dad jeans but the Crying Jordan face. foo.gif
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Following the warriors on the east coast is hard. I'm going to be a zombie at work once playoffs start.

Try to follow it from Germany.


My lack of sleep during the Dirks 2011 C'Ship-Run still haunt me till today :D

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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

i just wish hinkie got another year or two before ownership had brought in somebody like the colangelos

His 13-Page Resignation letter is an epic Piece of literary work, though, the history of Resignation letters concerned.

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And yes, the Warriors should do all they can to break the record.


It is a once-in-a-lifetime Thing. I'm still sour at Peytons Colts for not going after it when they had the opportunity.

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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

i just wish hinkie got another year or two before ownership had brought in somebody like the colangelos

A guy making his team an intentional laughing stock is not something I'd like to reward. Glad he's gone. Now go try and win some games.
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They're in much better position than they were when he took over. No assets, two rookie scale contracts (one of which was Evan turner and the other I think not even in the league anymore), no cap space, barely 8th seed, pretty much not a place free agents wanted to come

Even if they start trying to win now they have so much to look forward to over the next 5 years.
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I just re-read Hinkies Resignation letter again, andI cannot help but think about the letter Jerry Maguire wrote to the entire staff of his Agentship Company.

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His basketball mistake was not drafting nearly as well as he could have.

His business mistake was not giving a shit that he was pissing people off
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There's no such thing as not pissing off Philadelphians tho
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His draft day decisions were pretty good. But all accounts he got undervalued players at his draft spot. The only problem was he never got the #1 or #2 picks.


In 2013, he traded Jrue Holiday for the #6 overall and a future 1st. With #6 he picked up Noel who was a projected top 3 pick but was injured and fell to #6. (Look at the top 5 for that draft - Bennett, Oladipo, Porter, Zeller, Len). Almost every team would have taken Noel at that point if you remember. At #11 he got MCW to replace Holiday, which was so-so. Schroeder (who went #17) would have been a better PG pick. The only significantly better players after 11 were Olynyk at 13 (and I don't think he would've worked that well for the 76ers) and Giannis (who everyone except Milwaukee thought was a huge reach at 15. This guy didn't even play at the 1st tier level of the Greek league).


In 2014 he picked Embiid who was a top 2 pick at #3 who dropped due to injury. Again every team would've taken Embiid at #3. That future first turned into Saric at #12 who by all accounts would've been a top 10 pick if he were to move to the NBA that season. Maybe he could've kept the #10 pick instead of swapping that for #12 and getting Payton, but I think at the time MCW was considered similar to Payton (and still sort of is).


In 2015 he picked Okafor was again was a top 2 pick (and top 1 until the Final Four) at #3. Porzingis may turn out to be better, but everyone was screaming at LA for NOT selecting Okafor at #2. He was again almost a consensus pick at #3.


Noel, Embiid, and Okafor were all pretty much locks where Hinkie was picking. MCW and Saric were more hazy. Do you really think he would have his job even with Olynyk/Schroeder instead of MCW? I guess any player other than Saric (maybe Payton or LaVine?) would have been better in the short term, but we can evaluate the Saric pick this upcoming season. Considering that his only questionable picks were at #11 and #12 with no obviously better selections (especially during the time of the draft) it's hard to say he didn't draft well.


Outside of the draft, he did build a ton of assets by getting rid of players no one really missed (Turner, Hawes, Lavoy Allen, Thad Young). He still has Saric plus 2 1st rounders to use this year from his tenure. 

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I don't agree. Noel and Embiid fell for a reason - the injuries. And for such a shitty team, it really rankled people to not get a player who could help for a year or more. Noel was always going to be an offensively limited player, and even if no one had a crystal ball to tell Hinkie to draft Giannis or CJ McCollum, right now i wouldn't even take Noel over 2 other big men - Rudy Gobert or Gorgui Dieng.

Embiid was heavily hyped. Hinkie took a gamble and so far has failed. Everyone knows it was a gamble and Embiid already had concerns about his long term health. Aaron Gordon was right there. I don't blame anyone for taking calculated risks, but when that risk doesn't pan out, how is that not on you?

The other problem I have with his drafting is that even if the three picks turned out ok, how are you going to play all of them together? You could say, oh, trade one or more, but it's not that simple. You need to play the kids to develop them and increase their trade value, and you can't do that.
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I'm from Philadelphia, and one of the rare breed of Hinkie supporters. I'm disappointed now, doubly, because we went into a high-risk strategy, but now are bailing at year 3, when everyone knew it'd be a 4 - 5 year process. The system is being replaced with its anthesis, the Coangelos, who are old-breed, "where are the basketball guys?" thinkers, so I don't see how this nepotism will transition well from Hinkie-ism.

I read Hinkie's letter, and it struck me as 50% brilliant, and 50% missing the mark. One of his biggest criticisms, is that he's not a communicator. His defense to that charge is that if he were to vociferously defend his strategy, some in the league would emulate him versus pan his approach. I find that shaky, and would have appreciated more of a middle ground where he at least made more attempts to play nice, be out there with the media, and placate fans toward the process versus seeming reserved, and an egg-head (not the best in Philly unless you're in University City), etc.

Next, drafting three natural centers is understandable from the standpoint of BPA (best player available) and the scarcity of the position, but trying to trade an asset whom everyone knows you have to trade for playability undermines your position. I do not think the Sixers can get fair market value for Noel or Okafor, and Noel isn't all that valuable anyway so it may be very disappointing. Okafor's defense can improve, especially under coach Brown, and the Sixers have not had a silky, smooth scorer since AI.

The best part of Hinkie's plan is hitting now, where the Sixers have a bevy of 1st-round picks coming into play, including the the best chance (ever?) to land the #1 in Simmons. Saric will likely be joining the team, so there could be some intriguing line ups. The dearth of a shooter is a problem, but it is a big one for most teams.
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I did kind of have the perception that Hinkie had more supporters in Philly than elsewhere. People who saw where he was going and were willing to wait if he could pull it off, and of course be happy Sixers fans if he did. The people who really universally hated it were outsiders who thought he was making a mockery of the sport (I'm guilty).

Totally agree on your point about communication. To add to what you said - his refusal to communicate made the people around him (owners, coaches most of all) look like assholes and he left them to face public opinion. We all know how people view that one guy in the organization that constantly makes you look like an asshole
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