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Originally Posted by diadem View Post

Channing Frye is being targeted by the Clippers and the Cavs. Cleveland is willing to give up Anderson Varejao for him, but they need a 3rd team to take on his contract.

And of course, the Sixers gonna Sixer:

Ironically, the word in Philadelphia is there a power struggle between the Harris disciples and the new Coangelo method, the latter of which had us trade two 2nd round picks for Ish Smith, which not only lost us "assets" in picks but made us slightly better so less chance to draft Simmons.

An undercurrent, however, is that Ish Smith (a decent PG versus pitiful that we had before) makes Noel better, so it's almost saving our prior big.

That Harden - Dwight fiasco is embarrassing. Dwight still looks like a beast, but seems to lack that killer instinct that the Kobes, Lebrons, and some guy named MJ possess.
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I feel like Channing Frye would just turn into another Spencer Hawes on the Clippers. I feel like if you just filled out the $39M salaries of Griffin and Jordan with other starting caliber (but not All Star) players the team wouldn't be that much worse and would have better depth to support bench time of the starters.

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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Under armour has fans??

I'm a fan of UA. They sponsor my school and make great athletic gear. I like them more than Nike, adidas, and Puma.
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Channing Frye has been traded to Cleveland.


Who gets what:

  • CLE: Channing Frye
  • POR: Anderson Varejao, 1st-round pick
  • ORL: Jared Cunningham, 2nd-round pick
  • OKC: Randy Foye
  • DEN: D.J. Augustin, Steve Novak, two 2nd-rd picks



Also, Donatas Moteijunas traded to the Pistons for a first-rounder.

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That's a yawn of a trade
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The biggest trade at the deadline is the Clippers flipping Lance Stephenson for Jeff Green. Memphis is also getting a first round pick.


Markieff Morris has been traded to the Wizards.


Kirk Heinrich traded back to the Hawks.

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Captain Kirk, you will be missed(ish)
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Lance Stephenson and Matt Barnes are together, I predict laughter.
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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

Lance Stephenson and Matt Barnes are together, I predict laughter.

Add Chris "Birdman" Anderson to the equation. The league should allow us to ignore the trade deadline and acquire Metta World Piece.
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Memphis can probably start their own wrestling federation, so many 'interesting' players. I look forward to the first reports of Tony Allen and Z-Bo laying down the law with Lance.


So we went for Chief Keef. Big upgrade for us at the 4, Dudley is smart and can really shoot the 3 but he's got no athleticism. I'm glad we didn't give up Porter or Oubre, our front office sucks at drafting so not too bothered by the pick, and it's protected, at least. I expect Markieff to shoot about 10% better than before - the Wall effect cometh.


We better keep Nene around just to ensure Markieff is kept in line.

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Reading Varejao might be heading to Golden State
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Dear NBA fans and coaches: Keep snubbing Dame Dolla.



I ain't make the All-Stars but I'm flu game sick

Last time they count me out what I do? Game 6.

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"So, uh, we're playing the best team in the league tonight..."

Dame: "Nah, fam, I got this, TRUST ME."

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I hope he doesn't actually say "fam". I like Dame but dislike people who say fam
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Uh everybody says that fam.
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