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Who is Blatt? COuld have sworn Lebron was the Cavs coach?
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Can't believe they fired him halfway through. Highly doubt they'll find a suitable replacement right now
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They are just promoting Tyrone Lue to be the HC, signed a 3 year deal.
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Lolz. Idiots are going to act in idiotic fashion. The one thing this owner has ever done right is happen to own a franchise in the State LeBron was born AND have the #1 pick the year he came out. And even that is never going to be enough.
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Are you fucking kidding me

Tyron Lue

Jesus fuck
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u trippin bro

he and luke walton are champs!
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it's funny because last night against the Clips, they showed Blatt asking Lue if they should hack Deandre and Lue said yes and then they went ahead with it and it pretty much won the game for them.
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Their biggest weakness is Kevin Love's defense. They're better at offense and have been trying to run the offense through Love a lot more. I don't think their rotations are that bad or their ATO plays. Everybody runs at Love on offense and that's not really anything a coach can fix right now especially not one that has already been working with him
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Are you fucking kidding me

Tyron Lue

Jesus fuck

Everything about this move is so obviously Bron. Look at what he's done with agents, his management team, etc. over the years and the pattern will become obvious.
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I guess going to the finals in your rookie year and currently sitting #1 in the conference isn't good enough. GTFO

Tyrone Lue is about as credible a HC as Dan Gilbert is an owner
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The funny thing about Luke Walton is that he proved the Warriors don't need Kerr. Or that they can coach themselves.
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Blatt to Lakers? lol idk…. but the Spurs are in town so they're preparing to get destroyed.
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10 years ago today
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nah luke walton is a decent coach. it is a little hard to tell if the ATO plays are his. his rotations tend to be a little too stubborn trying to get certain players (ahem Mo) going, but he does a pretty good job

rookies this year are all pretty damn good. KAT and Porzingis are obviously going to be perennial all stars but even the ones further down like myles turner, devin booker, jerian grant, oubre, WCS, Portis, Larry Nance Jr, Cameron Payne all putting up pretty solid stats. Montrezl seems like he'd be a steal if he had more minutes. Porzingis playing like he should've gone second. They're all at the very least going to break rotation. A lot of potential in my eyes

Mudiay looks like a real project to me

Josh Smith traded to Rockets for a guy who's never played in the NBA drafted 8 years ago and gave up some cash as well... so uh... why?
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

10 years ago today

The Lakers were relevant?
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