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RIP Flip Saunders
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Damn. Had no idea. Cancer is a motherfucker.
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Not much of a history to celebrate as a Wolves fan but Flip had a hand in virtually every high point. Plus he seemed like a legit good dude. I'm more sad about this than I thought I'd be. RIP Flip.
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R.I.P. Flip frown.gif
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What the fucking fuck??!! I just found out he had cancer this morning, and he was taking this season off to fight it....and now he's dead?!

I feel terrible for him and his family
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Terrible news. That was a real shocker, as I was merely checking NFL stats on ESPN and see the headline about Flip. Definitely seemed like a good guy with high basketball acumen and a little wry smile.
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Has anyone signed up for nba league pass and had success splitting it amongst friends/family/coworkers using a single username and password? Also with regards to blackouts, are the blackouts based on billing zip or user zip via gps?
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Ball streams might be better. Dunno how legal it is tho but a lot of people use it. Haralabob posted about it the other day
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I think Ballstreams is closed for newbies as of now. I checked yesterday and saw that it said "BallStreams is currently only serving existing members." You can't get to the referral page or create a new account. 


RE: NBA League Pass, I think (not 100%) that blackouts are based on billing zip.

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game day!!!!!!!!


ballstreams is opening up registrations again in two weeks

i'd rather pay them then pay for shitty league pass
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Ballstreams. The name is....seminal
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Ballstreams. The name is....seminal

Yeah, I like the name too. It just oozes right out of your mouth.

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I want to join the ball ooze stream how can I partake?
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Wait a week or two before registrations open up again

Use free league pass trial in meanwhile
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Is there a SF fantasy league?

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