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ESPN sources say DeAndre Jordan is on verge of accepting Mavs' four-year, $80M+ max offer. Dallas firmly in lead and decision likely today
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those new jersey designs couldnt have helped their cause
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DJ to Mavs. Clips are fucked

Mavs still need a PG

They should hire Lou Williams or Jeremy Lin
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Sadly Jordan seemed like he wanted to be the franchise player, I guess all that Wilt or Kareem comparison Doc fed him got into his head.

Marc Stein says the Mavericks sold DeAndre Jordan on coming to Dallas by telling him he can be the face of the franchise.
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he needs a good spacing and an excellent PG tho. he has zero offensive skills besides dunking the ball and he's mediocre on defense
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Yeah i think he is expecting he is going to be like Howard or Shaq.

Another rumor is...
Jinno Rufino: Source say Mark Cuban gave Deandre Jordan shares of Avion.
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Cuban is a smart guy.
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West wide open.....ish...
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Also wtf?
DeAndre had concerns about Clippers roster in future and w/ only 2 years on Blake's deal he didn't want to get stuck

And he chose Dallas' aging team? I mean am I missing something or does the Mavs roster has Dirk, Amare, Jefferson, Felton and Devin Harris? Parsons the only young player in that team and dude seems more concerned about modeling than basketball.

Anyways, I do think the loss of Deandre bumps them to the bottom half of the playoff ranking but not to the point where they are out of it.
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are they better than Mavs last year?
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With Deandre? I say no because they lost Monta, who was the best player they had last year and Deandre is pretty much replacing Chandler (in a better capacity but still). they are probably better without Rondo though?
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They have Wes now too
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Forgot about Matthews, still bit sure though with his injury. Is he expected to be back by the season opener?

Itll be interesting, gon be hard to replace Montas contributions.

With Wes and Jordan I guess they are about the same or maybe even worse. Depends on whether they get a decent pg, signing Barea isnt going to cut it.
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every player is the one player that can get back from an achilles injury. i dont think he'll even be back by season opener. you need lift for shots and i doubt he's going to get much of that
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Wolves has quietly created themselves a pretty decent, young and exciting roster.

Rubio, Lavine, Wiggins and now Towns, it might just be a pretty good team to watch.

If Budinger and Martin stays relatively healthy with Pekovic and to an extent KG giving some veteran leadership, is it still too early to say they might be in the mix for the 8th spot in the West? Maybe if they got rid of Flip Saunders as coach, they might be able to get over the hump but I think the team could be right there peaking in at maybe 9th or 10th in the West?
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