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Originally Posted by idfnl View Post

I agree. Per above, makes me question why they let Splitter go. He's a perfect 5 for this team.

Thinking wishfully, I think it's a cap room move for Aldridge. It was made after SAS mtng with him.

Splitter is a marginal player at best, and had too many injuries to be effective last year.

Rumor is that LMA will announce for SAS after meeting with Knicks.
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Greg Monroe took a max deal with Milwaukee. Errbody gettin' paid.

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Well, the only way Milwaukee's getting good players is giving max deals to non max guys
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I honestly don't even think it's a bad deal with the rising cap next season. My comment was just a broad one about how teams are throwing money around like candy this offseason. Teams spent a combined $1.4 billion on day 1 of free agency alone.

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True. That deal may look downright reasonable after the cap rises. So Monroe's buying long term security at the cost of additional dollars...and playing in milwaukee
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Pacers sign Monta Ellis to a 4-year, $44 million deal with a player option after the third year.

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Nice. I was reading all this talk that they needed to trade Hibbert to get a decent backcourt player, but this is better for them
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suns just traded marcus morris to the pistons to clear up cap space for lamarcus aldridge


only one team is going to get lamarcus guys... what's your plan B if lamarcus doesn't come... you're going to have oodles of cap space and nobody to spend it on
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lol that sucks for the morris twins. just last year suns management handled their free agency brilliantly allowing them to divy up a pool of $52 million over 4 years; ultimately getting markieff at a cheap $8million/year. Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough done kill them wi' their love
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

Well, the only way Milwaukee's getting good players is giving max deals to non max guys with achilles injuries

kings might join that list
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I can't see Aldridge going to the Suns.
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Originally Posted by ballmouse View Post

RE: Kaminsky

Big white guys drafted with top 10 picks in the past 10 years:

2013: (4) Cody Zeller, (5) Alex Len
2011: (3) Enes Kanter, (5) Jonas Valanciunas, (6) Jan Vesely
2008: (5) Kevin Love
2007: (10) Spencer Hawes
2006: (1) Andrea Bargnani, (3) Adam Morrison
2005: (1) Andrew Bogut
2004: (8) Rafael Araujo

They all were pretty terrible minus Love. In fact, Love and Gordon Hayward were the only good white guys drafted in the top 10 for the past 10 years.

Other white guys in top 10:
Luke Jackson (#10 - 2004), Danilo Gallinari (#6 - 2008), Joe Alexander (#8 - 2008), Ricky Rubio (#5 - 2009), Gordon Hayward (#9 - 2010), Jimmer Fredette (#10 - 2011), Nik Stauskas (#8 - 2014)

I guess what I'm saying is that this draft has big bust potential with Kristaps Porzingis, Mario Hezonja, and Frank Kaminsky all going in the top 10.
Dude, Bogut made the all star team and has had a solid career even post injury. He just made the all NBA team for defense.
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LMA is cancelling his meeting with the Knicks and having a 2nd meeting with the Lakers. Honestly, what more is there to talk about...?

Blazers lock up Damian Lillard to a massive 5-year, $125 million extension. He basically just has the freedom to go all Allen Iverson the next couple of seasons. That roster is trash except for him.
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really? i was thinking the roster was pretty underrated. Ed Davis, Aminu, Vonleh, Meyers Leonard, Plumlee. That's a pretty young and exciting core. They need at least Matthews tho. I don't think they have enough room for LMA now

trade Kaman, sign matthews

Lillard, Matthews, Henderson, Mccollum in the backcourt

Davis, Aminu, Vonleh, Leonard, Plumlee in the frontcourt

Lots of upside, probably not getting past 1st round, if they get to playoffs at all tho unless like two of them have a breakout year
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All of them have pretty low ceilings except for Vonleh, IMO, and he's still pretty raw. I like Leonard, though. He didn't take enough shots last year to be in the 50-40-90 club, but his percentages were all high enough. His efficiency is sure to dip once he's given more playing time, however.

I've been wrong about this in the past, so don't read too much into my bullshit. It would be cool to see one or two of them have a breakout year, but I don't really see it as of now.
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