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"Yeah, yeah. Make your jokes now. Don't come hopping back on the bandwagon when we make the 6th seed next year."

- jet
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Metta World Peace will make a come back too.

In that event, put Ben Wallace on that team
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Haha, can you imagine Rondo and Boogie on the same team? That's like the second coming of Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton...

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BRING BACK MARVIN BARNES! from his wiki entry "His nickname, "Bad News," came from his frequent off-court problems, which began when he was a senior at Central High School.[2] He was part of a gang that attempted to rob a bus. He was quickly identified as he was wearing his state championship jacket with his name embroidered on it."
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Originally Posted by foodguy View Post

I have been distanced from the lakes since they kicked jackson to the curb and went butt-up to try to get dwight howard to stay. I have to say, though, that if they actually do sign rondo, our relationship will finally be officially splitsville. there is no coming back from that. dwade would be pretty bad, butler pretty good, would love to see aldridge. but rondo?

i dont see how they were the one kicking jackson to the curb for denying a part ownership as part of the deal

or was it?

i dunno. i thought jackson would be smart about using the triangle and adapting it to modern defenses, but they keep insisting on shooting mid range shots and post ups with bad post up players not to mention the complete lack of defense. knicks just permanently fucked. i feel bad for whoever gets picked at 4 (porzingis?)
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The triangle works, dude. 11 CHAMPIONSHIPS
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I don't want to follow the D Wade saga. Please just let it be over one way or the other
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This Cousins talk is just the latest in how, year after year, the Lakers media machine proves itself to be the most delusional in pro sports. What trade for DC could the Lakers put together that wouldn't have Vlade Divac say "not just hell no, but never fucking call me again"
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Lakers media or Knicks media. Not sure who is more delusional. Perhaps dopey or Lawrence can chime in

For the record: Being a Chicago Bulls fan,,, their media machine is facepalm.gif worthy as well.... Boston media is the most level-headed.
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It's official:

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^ Oh FFS give me a break. He worked himself into a contract by flailing around all over the place like a chicken with it's head cut off. At least Jeremy Lin actually scored a few points.
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Ok, this is a super long shot, probably even borderline delusional, but Boogie's days in Sac-Town look to be numbered -- George Karl is pushing for the Kings to trade Cousins because he doesn't think he can manage him...they apparently haven't spoken to each other since April. It also doesn't seem like any team will be able to give the Kings fair value for a franchise cornerstone. Probably the best they can do is a package of the #2 pick and Julius Randle from the Lakers.  If this happens, the Kings will most likely flip their #6 pick, ideally for Ty Lawson if they can swing that trade and reunite Lawson with Karl. With the #2 pick, they can draft Jahlil Okafor (assuming Towns goes #1), who's a much more mobile center than Boogie ever was, and now you have the foundation for Karl to run his trademark uptempo run-and-gun system that he ran in Denver.  Crazy? Probably insane, but if the relationship between Boogie and the Kings has deteriorated this much, what else can they try to do at this point?


There's also talk of Rondo signing a 1-year deal with Sacramento, but I think everyone would prefer if they got Ty Lawson...

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Poor Kings fans. They deserve better.
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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Poor Kings fans. They deserve better.
No, they don't. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

No, they don't. smile.gif

hahaha cmon ya'll already won that battle.
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