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glad the warriors won. the world is a better place with money green with a ring

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^ lol at klay in the background. fucking love that guy. he is like the cool, not cool kid trying to do cool kid stuff. its endearing how atleast he tries
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I think green was pretty trashed

This dude interviewed player sons and dad coaches on the experience. Really liked jt

also this

about how KG led the way to the warriors championships and KAT
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So it's that time of the year again when I start lurking on Twitter looking for free agency buzz.  Not a whole lot of interesting storylines this year, though.  It's really just LMA potentially leaving Portland (please go to San Antonio), Greg Monroe's tenuous situation in Detroit, Rajon Rondo to the Lakers (gonna be hilarious if LAL gives him anything close to a max), and Phoenix shopping Eric Bledsoe around.  Miami is already rumored to be drawing up a 5-year, $80-mil contract for Goran Dragic.

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miami would be nuts to bring back wade at a max contract. dude is broken
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

i dont think cavs had much of a chance in game 6, but how much better did he have to play to win mvp? was their a "clinching" stat line that would have done it? he shot 13-33 in game 6 playing up iggy and worsening his chances. would a 20-33 game have sealed it?

great article

The series was not as close as the final score indicated. Once the Warriors went small, there was no point at which you thought the Cavaliers had a chance to win. If the series had gone seven games, and the final game was close, LeBron would have a much stronger case.
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Yeah, actually scratch what I said about there not being a lot of storylines this summer.  D-Wade is rumored to be considering Cleveland (his dad wore a Cavs shirt out in public) and also LAL for some reason (there's apparently "mutual interest" there). He is a shell of his former self, though...Jimmy Butler is also being linked to LAL.

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No one excited about the draft, I take it?
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possibility of mo William going back to Cleveland and reuniting with Lebron is an intriguing story. Would be a great fit I think
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I have been distanced from the lakes since they kicked jackson to the curb and went butt-up to try to get dwight howard to stay. I have to say, though, that if they actually do sign rondo, our relationship will finally be officially splitsville. there is no coming back from that. dwade would be pretty bad, butler pretty good, would love to see aldridge. but rondo?
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No one excited about the draft, I take it?


Yeah, I have to admit I don't really see anyone who I think will make a huge impact except for maybe Karl-Anthony Towns, DeAngelo Russell, and Jahlil Okafur (maybe Mudiay, too).  I'm pretty sure I'll be wrong about this, though.


That said...Minny tells Towns he'll be drafted #1. Part of me just wants him to start pigging out on ice cream and Pringles chips now...

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and now they're going after demarcus cousins. i hope they get rondo, too. should be very entertaining.
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And trying to talk 'Sheed out of retirement?
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Metta World Peace will make a come back too.
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