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So Lebron got his ToJ.

He MUST know Drew!!! lol8[1].gif
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I haven't really paid attention cuz I'm buzzed but I feel like they're running more things on the weakside and using the lebron post ups as a vehicle for other things.

It also seems like they stopped running post up and ISO after post up and ISO
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Mozgov! What a revelation. So effective moving without the ball and such a good free throw shooter. For a big moves up an down the floor effortlessly giving you solid minutes, atypical for a center
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He also has a really good knack for when to cut. He's a good rim protector and he can actually shoot the ball. Dunno if he's worth two first rounders tho

Mo just missed an open dunk
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Fucking bum misses a wide open dunk!
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Van gundy finally said something I agree with: mosgov worth the 2 first round pics. If there was any doubt, I think mosgov is putting it to rest. Dude is everything you want out of that position. Reminds me of the 90s era centers.

Lol mo's approach to that failed dunk was said. Dude was more worried about not getting a traveling call
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Go cavs! Love me the underdog in this matchup. No klove, no kyrie, no worries. If Lebron wins this with his ny guards, and backup pg, dude is going to go down as the greatest performance ever
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He's really good but it's hard to evaluate how much he's worth in the future. I mean you don't know if the first rounders might turn out to be superstars. Like the Crash trade for picks ended up being lillard for a broken Crash. I don't recall much backlash at the time either
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^ it was an easy move for cavs no? They are expecting their pics to be in the high 20s? And they needed a c badly. Of course that would be a bad trade if mosgov got hurt or if the 29iah pick turns out to be tony Parker. Id say so far so good
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Yeah. That's true. So far it looks like an excellent trade. Really like mozgov. Seems like he was pretty undervalued at denver
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Gotta give Cleveland credit. They are outplaying Warriors pretty much across the board. Never thought we'd see Dellavadova outplay Curry for a full game. Tristan and Mozgov playing much better than Dray and Bogut. Klay is the only Warrior winning his matchup.
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Who knew a warriors cavs matchup would be a grindfest

Blatt is so smart

JR is such a dumbass
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So, uh, who is the lady with the ripped white jeans with floor seats?
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Bron seems fresher in OT. Maybe cuz he didn't post up all day
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