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I dunno what they're going to do with Kyrie on defense tho. He gets buried on screens and he's already potentially going up against curry


How do you guys type this series? IMO it's gonna be GS in 5 or 6 maximum
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^ Agreed.
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tom haberstrough interviewed a bunch of coaches about the 3. really enjoyed
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Finals start already!
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Thank god for the TOJ thread
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the amount of money people have given to TOJ is insane
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Eh, I've ordered three pieces (a varsity and 2 leathers) so maybe ~$1,800 but this was during its heyday. As good as their product is, no way I'd feel comfortable dropping $2,000 in one go. In that sense, it is nuts.
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gsw clearly has a gameplan (let lebron shoot. noticed guys staying back and going under screens), but lebron's vision is amazing, cleveland defense is surprisingly really good, gsw missing open shots, kyrie looks healthy
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Iggy wide open under the basket and kicking it out to a dude 18 feet away.....
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smh. bogut passed up a dunk for a klay 3. i guess getting him in rhythm is pretty important
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Yeah GSW kicking it out in lieu of sure 2 points...very odd if any other team but ehh
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Well a few plays later he got fed by Curry for an open dunk, and lost the ball on the gather. Guess there was a good reason
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why barnes on lebron? cuz he can't defensive rebounds over tristan like draymond can?

god i hate this cavs offense so much. iso after iso
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Great game. I have no dog in the fight. Tied after 3. Logically GS has an edge at home, but LeBron might be ready for a big 4th. Could go either way.
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warriors bench could all start for the sixers

every goddamn possession is lebron ISO, mozgov or TT offensive rebound, then lebron ISO again

as much shit as blatt gets he's still a pretty damn good coach. they're trying to get that switch with curry on lebron so hard

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