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Originally Posted by diadem View Post

Was Duncan really a bad 3-point shooter?  I remember Duncan hit that monster 3-pointer against the Suns in the playoffs to force overtime a handful of seasons ago, but that's obviously just one instance.  The NBA turned it into a commercial, though, and that shit has been stuck in my head since this conversation came up.

This was the play I was talking about...completely fucked the Suns.


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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

klay doesn't have a timetable to return. not sure of average return time

he will most likely be fine to return. i don't remember a regular season concussion ever costing a player more than 1-2 games in the past year or so. there is a chance this one's recovery takes longer cuz it was a violent hit. i'd say 50% of nfl players w/ concussions come back in a week, some miss 1 game.
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addendum: an "injury expert" posted this:
This season the averaged missed time for a concussion was 8.9 days and that doesn’t include the days missed by Minnesota’s Gorgui Dieng or Sacramento’s Rudy Gay who did not return to play before the conclusion of the season. The median for days missed was five. These numbers suggest Thompson should be available for Game 1. However as previously mentioned, each athlete responds differently following a head injury and it’s far from a guarantee that Thompson will be play.
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alvin gentry to coach for pelicans

klay back for game 2 at the least
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so many decent-good coaches on the market and the lakers and knicks stickin with byron scott and derek fisher heehhehehehehhehe
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i dunno about the knicks, but the lakers have to tank. anybody that gets hired by jim dolan just suddenly turn retard
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you think so? i really disagree; lakers have gotten superstar FAs since canadians invented basketball. i dunno why they're wasting their time w/ scott. even if you say this year doesn't matter cuz kobe's making bank and nobody wants to play w/ him, that doesn't preclude you from locking up a good coach.
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i was mostly kidding, but dont they have a lot of time left to find a coach? seems like they're ok with byron for now (whether it's for ninja tanking purposes or because they actually think he's a good coach)
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sure and it's a fluid situation, but gentry was a good choice and thibs is an upper-tier coach i'd say. dunno what the market is going to look like next year. i hope for their fans' sakes that they don't actually want to keep byron scott.
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Well I am not convinced he's a bad coach. Lately he is unlucky that for sure. Gets Cleveland job, LeBron leaves. Gets Lakers job, Pau leaves and team turns to shit with Kobe not able to adjust to being old. Plus management doesn't really want him to win any games lol.
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Is he still against taking 3s?
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And where is Thibs gonna go? patch[1].gif Hey there's gonna be an NBA Finals happening sometime in the next month right?
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yes the lakers should probably wait as long as possible. because that went really well for them last year, when they missed out on stan van and steve kerr.

really shortsighted to think that the lakers are just vying against the currently coachless teams for thibs. there's also a decent chance thibs takes a year off and is 1st in line for the best coaching vacancy next year.
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apparently curry and lebron were born in the same hospital

i better have my kids born there. first korean nba superstar incoming. or an analytics doctorate whose dissertation was shooting form
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

apparently curry and lebron were born in the same hospital

How many times do you think this will be mentioned during the Finals?
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