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Found some pics. It's funny because Marvel is really digging into these guys, theres some meaning into some of it like that Cavs cover above with Lebron leaving.

Kobe being Iron-Man winning the championship with a broken finger?

Rubio being Iceman holding up the Timberwolves?

Self explanatory.

Again, self explanatory.

Bunch of unexperienced rookies, ala XMen.

Sharpshooter, makes more sense if you know who Bullseye is.

Self explanatory.

Durant being Thor because he is with the Thunders.

Creating/experimenting(buying) a "Super Team"?

Self explanatory

@ Old Glory. Steve, take note.
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Nash = Phoenix, again need to know about Marvel.

Not sure there is much meaning here.

Deron leading the Jazz now that Boozer is gone.
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^sick, the kobe one with the gauntlet was my favorite.
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@ all the crossed out name on the banner in the back. They really need to make these guys out of metal to last the whole season. Same with this guy.
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mike miller injured, marcus thornton and antawn jamison no longer starting. nooooooooooooo
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The injury to mike miller is going to hurt, the heat's supporting cast is already thin. And how does that make sense for the Cavs to not start Jamison? He's by far the best player. I guess they are going into tank mode and hoping to draft another Lebron.
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they want to develop hickson or let him shine i guess. but i don't see the problem with jamison at the small forward position alongside hickson. i'm sure jamison will still get 25-30 mins, but not liking my squad at this point
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Damn, there needs to be a way longer NBA off-season. I'm still on that NFL tip. Welp, can't wait to see what happens w/ the Heat, can't wait to see Boston hopefully get a bit older, and hope that Kobe gets over his nagging injuries, though that might not seem too likely. Also hope Yao, Blake Griffin, and Oden stay healthy. Shit, got a fantasy draft for the 1st time in a few days and I'm gonna be totally lost. Here's to drafting Brian Cardinal to lead the league in cheers off the bench.
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Blazers =

Also love Nuggets play on the old X-Men cover. Not Campbell's best work obviously.

Psyched for the season! Love my SF team so far, and 2 more drafts tomorrow
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Re: Captain America Pic Could it be because the Grizzlies used to be a Canadian team? :\\
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I feel bad for this guy, he could have played as a good back-up but his ego just wouldn't let him.

Iverson Plans To Play In Turkey

Allen Iverson has agreed in principal to sign a two-year, $4 million contract with Besiktas of the Turkish professional league, according to a report by Yahoo! Sports.

The deal is expected to be filled with incentives.

Iverson plans to sign the deal this week and will report to Besiktas by Oct. 31.

The contract will give him an opt-out clause after this season.
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You guys ready for tomorrow? I'm gonna go over my roster one more time.
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Season officially starts today/tonight. I can't wait!

I hate Boston (well I hate KG, Pierce, Rondo, Davis, Perkins, Robinson, Rivers, etc... I think it might have been easier to write that I only like Ray Allen) but I hope they show Miami that they have a long way to go before being declared the NBA champs.

And let's go Lakers!!!
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