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omfg terry broke the FUCK out of curry's ankles and harden has 11 turnovers who is this "harden" guy give the ball to the dude w/ the LOB tattooed on his bicep
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Three quarters in, and Curry isn't making his typical shots (aside from that one-on-one with Dwight which was great!). WTF Klay
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Klay needs to go through the concussion protocol.
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Harden picked the worst possible time to have the worst game i've seen him play in a Rockets uniform. but all will be forgiven if he can heat up and pull something out of his ass in these last 6 (momentum is completely on the other side though)
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Oracle = CenturyLink Field of the NBA???
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Klay takes a knee to the temple but doesn't need to go through concussion protocol because it's an ear laceration? Wtf!?

It's good to know that football isn't the only sport where potential concussions get overlooked when it's the Playoffs.
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Hahahaha I know right???

Dude's brain is leaking and they call it a laceration. Just like Curry's fall resulted in a "contusion"....
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Love the circular logic being employed right now on Klay right now and Curry last game. We don't need to do the concussion protocol because he didn't suffer a concussion.
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LOL at the shove by guys might be on to something....that was a heel move. Someone give him a steel chair.
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he got away with one shove (Draymond into a 3-point shooting Ariza) that directly gave his team 3 free throws

and then another elbow/shove where he got away with arguably a flagrant foul while setting a screen for Harden. i also lol'ed when i saw Harden grab Iguodala's shirt and help guide his face into Dwight's elbow
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More heel! Forearm above the neck and not a flagrant. Rockets need to pull out Hollywood Hogan to really get the crowd riled up.
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Stephen Curry's mom has um....aged very well nod[1].gif
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Harden in a record breaking performance!!!!!!!
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this game is ugly af and wont end.

wtf happened to iguodala from the ft line mang. did you know he shot 82% from the line in his 3rd season?

harden with an all-time worst performance, jesus. terry is the only one to come to play all game tonight.

edit: forgot about ariza. ariza always comes to play and never gets any credit.
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Fuxk yeah!
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