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I think many teams would kill to have a Rose, Butler, Gibson, etc. on their team so in terms of talent; I believe they are fine. I think a drastic coaching change is definitely in order though.
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i dont know. i feel like besides the minutes and lineup issue thibs is still probably one of the best coaches out there. who can they get that's guaranteed to be better than thibs?

sucks that bulls can't get past lebron cuz fuck lebron
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Thibs is basically gone, I think...Rumors are the front office despises him and the feeling is mutual.

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No doubt Thibs is a great coach and I wouldn't mind him playing more of a "defensive coordinator" role but minutes restrictions are just a reality in this NBA and he doesn't want to accept that. He grinded Deng and Noah to dust already and Butler is well on his way too.

Re: Lebron, as talented as he is, I've lost all respect for him. In Game 5, when Dellavadova locked Taj's leg (which was a pretty dangerous thing to do considering Taj's history with leg injuries), the TV crew cut to LBJ looking up at the jumbotron and he was laughing. I mean seriously. The whole Cavs bench was yukking it up
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That was a total skunking. I thought the Bulls had them where they wanted them after the G3 Rose game winner, too.
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Kyrie goes down with score tied at 33 in the 2nd quarter smh
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After a great series that Bulls/Cavs game was a stinker. Oh well.
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a clippers warriors western conference finals would be the absolute best


tuned out at the half. what the hell happened?
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Get the fuck out of here. Jsmoove, my man!

89-72 in 3rd now 112-102 and harden hasn't played the entire 4th quarter
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gg nerds
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what a sad, sad display by the Clips baldy[1].gif
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Holy shit. That was insane with Harden on the bench for the entire 4th. Rockets ended the game on a 49-18 run.
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utter collapse. wow

bring on game 7 !!!
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Didn't like the result, but an excellent game to watch.
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