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Was that on purpose?
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Was that on purpose?

Looks to me like he was expecting him to catch the lob in the air.
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this zards team looks nothing like the team in regular season
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Same can be said for the hawks. I completely dismissed this series but it's been my favorite one to watch.
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hawks i think the first 3 games i didn't quite understand why they were settling for so many jumpers instead of having a nice mix of getting to the basket and outside shots. but the past two games they look like they normally do

my favorite so far is the grizzlies warriors series. then the bulls cavs. and then hawks zards

quality second round so far tho. really loving it.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

man if bulls had just kept korver they could have a rose, butler, korver, mirotic, noah lineup with brooks, taj, dunleavy on the bench and stay under the cap by not needing pau. i guess nobody guessed korver would be this amazing of a shooter and they thought they could get like 80% of korver's projection with dunleavy

Necro response, but seems like Bulls are getting much more than 80% of Korver's production from Dunleavy. Washington has apparently figured out how to take Korver out of the series.
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wow wizards running a hammer play


thrilling game


no tony allen and gsw wins by like 20
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couldnt help but notice gortat on the bench holding his hands against his face as he watched horford crash the boards and make the game winning shot :/

pau gasol back tonight. cant wait! go bulls!
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Gortat was horrid on defense in the endgame. He half heartedly jogged to his close outs as Horford hit two huge shots for Atlanta. Although I can't blame the Wiz for not boxing out on the last play - John Wall's huge defensive play ended up in a really bad carom for the Wiz. That's the way the ball bounces!
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Yup. As much as I rooted for the Thibs-Noah era, it's time for a change.
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Why aren't these bulls pushing the ball? Put some pressure on the cavs transition d, shit

Drose, their quickest player taking jumpers is meh
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Honestly, I don't want to rag on the guy again, but Noah is a huge culprit. Dude spends 90% of his minutes at the top of the key, asking for the ball, making sub-par bounce passes. It's painful
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With a decent hair stylist, Noah could become an all star again.
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What a shitty game.

Hopefully Clips win and send Houston home. ^^^ smile.gif
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where do bulls go from here? hard to see them making it out of second round much less get to the finals

they got beat by a cavs team without love and an injured irving. hard to see them get better
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