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"I give it a 10, no question. I give it a 10" Bryant said.
"It was just ridiculous. His explosiveness is out of this world.
I don't know if I could do that. I did a lot of shit, but that.... He's just extremely explosive. It's fun to watch."

You are so right Kobe!

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as much as i love seeing that kid jump, in a way i hate it because i think it gets in the way of the subs running their offense. shannon makes a spectaular play and all of a sudden thinks he's kobe, dribbling the ball between his legs, shooting out-of-his-range jump shots. i wish he'd just get the ball to lamar and STFU.
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^^^ It's impressive but not that great, it is definitely better than any of the crap he did in the slam dunk contest last year.
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the lakers can actually catch the spurs. spurs are reeling right now. lost 3 straight and don't have 2 of their best players. if spurs lose 5 and lakers win all 9 it's technically possible.
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that kid better start smartin up and start playing better basketball by the time april rolls around. start thinking and making team decisions instead of thinking he's kobe when subbed in there. i know perhaps it might not be his fault as when he's in there with the second unit and the offense get stagnant, they would try to run the offense through him or dump it into him when the shot clock is winding down but still.
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Originally Posted by sexandcandy View Post
the lakers can actually catch the spurs. spurs are reeling right now. lost 3 straight and don't have 2 of their best players. if spurs lose 5 and lakers win all 9 it's technically possible.

It's possible but I am not very optimistic, I can't see the Laker being undefeated the rest of the way. Whats Spurs remaining schedule looking like?
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Wow, I'm surprised at all the Shannon hate here.

He has in fact worked a lot on the other aspects of his game, in order to be more of a complete player. He has said many times that he doesn't really like the "amazing dunker" tag so much. I'm sure he doesn't "think he's Kobe" out there, and I'm pretty sure his teammates and coaches like him and his play...that's good enough for me.

What else was he supposed to do on that play, pretend he's Steve Blake and pull up and shoot from behind the arc, or pretend he's Ron-Ron and elevate a full 14.675" and blow the dunk? Talk about disrupting the offense....
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not hatin shannon brown, i actually like him a lot, just me saying 'he's kobe' was more tongue in cheek and i did put in the disclaimer. however he's got to work more on his shot
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Originally Posted by venessian View Post
Wow, I'm surprised at all the Shannon hate here.
no hate here. i just think he needs to get back into the triangle groove. last four games, he's 8 of 24 fg (and how many of those makes were dunks?) and 0-5 from the three. to me, it's in the same direction that ruined farmar ... a little success on a great team, and losing the perspective of what he needs to do to be a successful cog. actually, exactly the thing ron-ron has done so well since the all-star break (two missed dunks aside).
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Yeah, Shannon's been having an up-down season, but I think that's actually indicative of his trying to become a better all-around player. Apparently he spent many. many, many hours in his home-town gym last summer, working on his jumper. That has come and gone this season, understandable for a player trying to grow and getting inconsistent (relatively) minutes. I'd still keep him over Farmar, though they don't play the same position. I agree he could be even better, but I like him a lot and don't think he's a disruption.
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Shannon needs to know his role. No hate here, you can't jump into those conclusion once a criticism is thrown out there. The matter of fact is, Brown could be much better if he focuses on the other aspects of his game like defense and jump shooting and stop trying to be Kobe, yes he is trying to be Kobe.

He often zones out on defense, on fast breaks, even on a 3 on 1 advantage, he often stop and pops and misses the shot. It's terrible, I am sure the coaches do not encourage him for those plays. He tries to drive to much, which almost makes me cringe as much as when Artest starts dribbles penetrating to the basket.
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I'm quite certain that Shannon Brown knows his role. Part of that role is, in fact, to "be Kobe"...that is, be a shooting guard. Beyond that, I don't think he tries to be Kobe in any way. I also think he's a much better player than you do. He was very good last year in the playoffs and I think he'll find his groove again. At least he's not arrogant like Farmar was.

Also, playing on the Lakers' second unit this year certainly hasn't been a piece of cake, given the lack of consistency in that rotation.
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i suppose one could also argue that kobe doesn't play his role in the triangle either. but then again, he's kobe. nobody else is. don't get me wrong ... i think brown is a heckuva player with unlimited potential. and he started the year strong. but watching him play now, he's looking for his opportunities rather than fitting into the offense. the triangle is not built for dribblers.
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let's talk about our bench bigs. we're in some trouble down the road in late stretches if joe smith/caracter/theo ratliff just beocme dead weights during april-june.
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bynum, gasol, odom is the best C/PF rotation in basketball. there's nothing to talk about unless one of them goes down.
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