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Ugh. I hope warriors and Hawks make it out but at this rate they don't deserve to
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This guy...

I feel like coaching LeBron is more of a curse than a blessing, at least for Blatt. Nobody can deny his coaching chops. He took a Maccabi Tel Aviv team that had no business being competitive to a Euroleague title and somehow won a bronze medal with the Russian national team, but the NBA is just ruthless to him. Yeah, trying to call a timeout with none left is idiotic and he's not exactly helping himself when he compares an NBA coach to a fighter pilot, but I can't help but feel like he's getting shafted a bit by the media, LeBron, etc...IMO, if he were to coach a talented team with less egos, good things will happen, best case scenario being the 2011 Mavs.
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He just needs to stand up to Lebron. Which btw would be nearly impossible to do if he didn't have total support from Cavs (dysfunctional) ownership.

In 2010 everyone was making a deal about how Lebron and Spoelstra were locked in this power struggle, but they figured it out. But Spo had the backing of two critical members of the organization - Pat Riley and D-Wade - who knows what kind of support Blatt really has when push comes to shove
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whatevs man, blatt has brought this on himself. dude has a giant ego and really hasn't done anything good coaching-wise this year. you can blame that on lebron if you want but the bottom line is he hasn't proven he can do anything good as an nba coach.

spo was a good coach in miami, even b4 bron got there. and his personality was great.
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I don't think it's solely LeBron, but he's definitely a part of it when he's overruling plays drawn up by the coach (which, in that moment at the end of Game 4, I think he had the right to do, but I'm talking in general during the regular season). Also, Kyrie hijacking possessions for large stretches of games with his Uncle Drew shit isn't helping much, either...I think I hate that more than anything LeBron has done this year.
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Originally Posted by Brothersport View Post

that was awesome but i'm a little sad it wasn't also a bank shot

Quality post.
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Originally Posted by Texasmade View Post

The Rockets game is ugly. Took about 90 minutes to get through the first half. I had to stop watching at halftime.
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clippers rockets is the worst. 3 hour snoozefest

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Actually fell asleep during the Clippers/Rockets game.

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I stopped at halftime and re enacted the rest of the game on my indoor mini hoop for children, way more interesting

I made it to midway in the 3rd. It's a combination of cringing dislike for both teams and some really horrid basketball. With one or the other eliminated I can at least make it thru a close game, but I have trouble remembering a more horrid playoff series than this. Every game gets worse than the last.

It's foul after foul after foul. Fucking Harden with his foul draw histrionics. Intentional fouls. Timeouts. Shit personalities. Yuck. Done with this series, not watching another game.
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad View Post

My favorite announcing moment: Reggie Muller going on for several minutes about how Jordan should be pulled from the game if he can't hit free throws, the same way you'd bench a player whose poor defense or rebounding was hurting the team. Not five minutes later, Miller starts a new conversation about how he "commends" Doc for leaving Jordan in the game.


New respect for P.J. Carlesimo. Loved his comment at around 4 mins left in the 3rd Q of the last Wiz - ATL game (gm 3). I was sitting there watching and getting that boredom urge to check my iPad as the game grinded to a hault with those stupid bonus foul shots and then he chimes in brilliantly with "Looking forward to the 4th quarter so we can get some flow back into this game". He got a solid chuckle out of me, and he was spot fucking on. NBA games take WAAAAY too long now.
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david blatt has done next to nothing this year to show any aspect of being an above-average coach, whether that's running a good defense, running a creative offensive system (esp in crunch time), managing minutes, or managing personalities of star players. furthermore, he has actively done potentially irreparable and extensive long-term harm to the cavs by not figuring out a way to integrate kevin love to his satisfaction, calling out his max contract status, and not even playing him in crunch time. finally, he's been a raging egotistical asshole to everyone in the media the entire year. he's asshole popovich w/o any nba success and w/o the behind the scenes warmth.

this doesn't mean he is a terrible coach or doesn't have the ability to grow into a good one. but he's certainly below average now. and i don't feel any sympathy for him.
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to be fair the offensive sets he does call for are pretty good when the players do it, but as you can see in the playoffs they really don't. it's lebron iso after iso. highly doubt that's what blatt wants. in either case it's his fault as head coach for not having control over this team
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Tony Brothers is the worst ref in the league. This game is horribly called on both sides. Gasol is traveling like crazy, moving screens from both sides, Curry is getting mugged and held on every play.
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if warriors can beat grizzlies they can beat anybody.
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lol at warriors fans whining about the refs. twitter straight up rampant w/ dubs fans complaints. this is why the tide of public opinion is turning against you.
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Bring on the hate. It's better than being irrelevant.
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