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So happy for the Grizz win. Conley looked like a Terminator out there. It's only one game but hopefully it'll shut up all the podcasters who claimed that even with a healthy Conley, Memphis didn't have a chance.

Shoutout to the Bulls back in Jan
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Giant win by the Grizz.

Conley was a beast, 22 pts in 27min.

Getting the trophy may have been bad luck for Curry and may have even motivated the Girzz even more to win.
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iunno klay can't hit shots. curry can't hit shots. dray was great on D but he's still pretty undersized. felt like they had to double team gasol a lot or randolph could shoot over him. dray still can't really hit those open 3s consistently
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Don't forget Tony Allen! "First Team ALL DEFENSE!!"
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Yah they shot badly but got to give Grizz some credit (not really sure if you're replying to me).

To be honest though, I am not sure I've seen Curry throw bricks and airs from behind the arc before?
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man was i wrong or what? oh well - just one game. warriors can have 1-2 such games per series and still win in 6 or 7. they had 22 (24?) straight home wins, and were undefeated when holding opponents under 100 this year (44-0 i believe). something had to give eventually, and this was as good a time as any. one thing about streaks of any kind - they all come to an end eventually.

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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Don't forget Tony Allen! "First Team ALL DEFENSE!!"


The Grindfather.  Love this dude.

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If there were a "First Team All Wu-Tang", Tony Allen and Josh Smith would be perennial candidates.
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j smoove is the most "thuggiest" looking guy in the nba in my opinion. did you guys catch him calling jason richardson a "fa**ot" last round? was really obnoxious.

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Huh? J-Rich plays for the Sixers who haven't sniffed the playoffs in...forever :laugh:.  I thought at first you meant Jason Terry, but he's J-Smoove's teammate...

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wow i really butchered that one. i meant richard jefferson. sorry.

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Lowe Post justifies basically every rule change I have been advocating for years, though the hack-a stuff was not on my radar, everything else was.
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Gasol v Bogut

Randolph v Green

Thompson v Allen

Some fun matchups. Game 2 was very watchable.
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Have the Clippers won a single contested loose ball or jump ball in this game? (Harden just won a jump against Griffin.)
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Fucking Rivers, haven't he figured out yet that he doesn't know how to dribble behind the back yet?
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