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Originally Posted by ballmouse View Post

He's bulky like Boris Diaw. To me Jimmy and Draymond don't have the same physique.

dray is only like 10 pounds heavier than jimmy and a whole lot fatter
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Now, I can breathe again.
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- When Mike Miller made his 3 early in the first half, I feared him going 2012 Heat mode.
- Pau is proving to be the X-factor for the Bulls right now. He went 5 for 5 at one point with his mid-range.
- Thibs went with Kirk instead of Snell again. He wasn't his usual horrible self though surprisingly
- And yes, agree with BroSport. Dunleavy low-key Bulls MVP haha
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not really that impressed w/ chicago, esp if they're gonna keep playing noah. they hit a ton of jumpers, contested and not. cleveland's gonna play mike miller less for sure. dude was -20 in 16 minutes haha.

anyways rose was pretty good, but he had a lot of rest and he's played shitty w/ only 1 day rest in the playoffs. i still think cleveland is gonna win the series.

jimmy butler is phenomenal. lol he played 44 min and said he was exhausted at halftime. thibs makes no sense to me. butler plays giant minutes, hinrich plays 18, mirotic plays 2. snell plays 0.
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Yeah, IF (huge, huge IF) Chicago manage to win the series, they will be dead exhausted lol
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thibs on that doc rivers time management even without the shitty bench
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clippers-rockets is UHMAZING so far. through one q houston has 9 TOs, 4 by harden, and i swear just about all of them were live-ball. i think houston has missed 10 uncontested or lightly contested point-blank layups, and there have been multiple fast break --> turnover --> opposing fast break --> turnover sequences.

also, austin rivers.

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Austin stay playing for his father's approval.
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16 turnovers at 9:32 of second quarter.

Sloppy basketball on both sides.
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Bulls were better than the Cavs. They had to win or it was hopeless. Lots of holes exposed on both teams. The Bulls rebounded extremely well, that was the most important difference I saw. Great to see Butler v James in the playoffs again.

The HOU - LAC game seems to rest on Ariza and Terrence Jones. If Jones can slow Blake down and Ariza can take advantage of no natural matchup, then Houston has a chance. Uff, it was vomit inducing wishing Houston will win. Also vomit inducing watching Olajuwon cheer them on. Not a series I can invest in.
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Great win by the Clips and I am happy to see others step it up especially in the fourth. If I were Doc, i'd sit CP3 again if he isn't even close to 100% then again you also want to finish the series as fast as possible so I could see him going out there but it'll be risky.
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As we ponder Tim Duncan's future, here's a truly remarkable statistic: No Spurs team with Duncan has ever won fewer than fifty games in a season (excluding the 1998-99 lockout-shortened season when only fifty regular-season games were played), and until this year, had ever finished lower than second place in its division. Talk about consistency.
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my favorite part of youtube highlight reels are all the traveling experts in the comments
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warriors by at least 10 tonight. memphis is just not good enough.

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amazing how much of a difference conley makes

dray only has like 6 points and 6 rebounds and i feel like he's been dominating

gg nerds
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